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  1. I love this server you can do SAR or even fight fires via water drops, (you obviously dont see water drop) but smoke dissipates the more water you dump on it - the scripting is amazing and you can find SAR's by F10 Map, scripted messages directing you to targets and smoke deployment
  2. I'm pretty certain it's a clockwise rotation, but I could be mis remembering - i'll double check my sync settings and collective next time it happens thank you! Thats an idea thank you I'll give that a go! I'll watch out for this strange behaviour thanks - do let me know if you find a permanent solution to your issues too!
  3. Try fly it on the amazing SAR server, i never get bored of attending RTC's for Evacs
  4. I seem to have got the hang of the hind but one thing eludes me, why do I occasionally start frantically spinning on the ground?. Sometimes this happens after performing a cold start and at the point of increasing the RPM and having had NO input on the control surfaces to this point as the revs come up the aircraft will start to spin to the right, even with the wheel brakes on and brake light illuminated and no AP active. I seem to have had some luck stopping this by using reset trim as part of my startup (despite it already showing centred) but when it happens rudder input does nothing. It also happens when I then land again, I get a satisfying nice gentle landing. Settle back to idle speeds, the aircraft can even be stable for some time on the ground then after a few seconds the spin starts again, stomping the brakes or applying the wheel brakes has zero effect - i've even had a gentle landing, rearmed all fine - gone off to make a drink and I come back to a smashed up helicopter that's spun itself to death
  5. I can't get my weapons to box up because of it, they box up at the top of the stores page but not on the pylon diagram lower down on the stores page and thus it won't give me a release solution
  6. If you press MAPM then box Map at the same time as unboxing MAPM it seems to work. But there are major issues with the MDFs I can't even box up weapons properly it seems to pulse on and instantly off when I press some of them.
  7. Years ago I had an issue where other players and AI's aircraft on private and main servers would freeze for me in the sky - despite continuing to play for them and I would continue to be seen flying to them. Whilst they were frozen for me, animations of their air brakes and landing gear etc would still be represented moving up and down, but in the aircrafts frozen position. Don't know why but the issue eventually went away after a few months. Fast forward a few years, a completely new PC, new router, new controllers everything all running fine for a long time ...... I update to 2.7 and aircraft are freezing in the air again and their icons on the F10 map Anyone any clue where to go with this!? Is It DCS?, is it router connection?, PC Issue? .. I have no idea where to start. - Using a 500mb fibre connection, wired in, ports open as usual and DCS in exceptions on the firewall .
  8. Yeah I dont like the way they look since the last update, they look too OP and blurry
  9. My obsession with the UK Coastguard Helicopter (Sikorsky S92a), mixed in with this server and the Mi8 all coming together! Working Progress
  10. Me to was hoping this was solved, as this happen for me pre-update - Physically Clicking the Course switch inside the cockpit works as it should though
  11. I've become obsessed with my Helicopters again since finding this server - absolutely brilliant work - the fire fighting is genius I love it! Would also like to see a Discord channel to help communicate and orchestrate approaches to the fire if possible. Also if possible the Huey water pickup could do with an autostop like the Mi8, as you can pickup more than it can carry and it'll just pull you under (unless that was the intentional idea) Great work everyone - thank you!
  12. I had trouble with GBU's until the last update as far as I can see it's as follows: Set Ground mode & Master Arm Stores Page - Box GBU 12 Set GBU12 Fuses and Mode AUTO Have EHSD Left MFD and TPOD Right MFD ON EHSD set laser code 1688 or alternative (unbox Code afterwards) Find a Target in the TPOD (Using Sensor Select Down, Down (Twice) to be able to slew around. On target hold WP Increment Long to set TPOD's target as new WP Target T0 (as you do with JDAM) T0 shown as Waypoint in EHSD - box up "DESG" Bomb fall line will appear - Align with fall line and hold pickle for release time as per previous method Activate Laser SHACK
  13. I submitted the automatic DCS crash 'send log' twice will that get back to you anyway?
  14. If I enter a "TERM" waypoint in the NSEQ and then try bump the waypoints on the EHSD I get a crash to desktop everytime
  15. I'm not 100% sure on the exact circumstances that bring about this situation about but does anyone else have any unexplained trimming issues in that after a series of (less than 4G) turning maneuvers the Harrier will inexplicably pitch nose high. This happens on a completely clean loadout and then involves frantically pitching the stick 80% forward to counteract the over-trim to either try get the autopilot on in which it re-trims itself or manically trim forward before involuntarily doing and "auto loop". I've tried flaps in cruise in case there is an issue with auto flap maneuvers (despite no gauging movement) but still happens I "think" it may have something to do with the AP/AFC being on at the start of the turns and the AFC not throwing itself off (do i remember the AFC used to automatically throw itself off when the stick was moved like the ALT hold?) as I'm pretty sure it only happens when in autopilot not disabling it before the turn and I also "think" resetting the AFC does help it but this could be coincidence. Anyone any similar experiences? I'm using a fairly new Warthog stick so no controller issues and doesn't happen on other A/C
  16. It was the second HUD click that I never even knew existed thank you! it's bugged me for ages!
  17. HUD is pre-aligned (Mirage - special options), would this make a difference? I could possibly doing one click on the test position, all other functions work though. Yes AP is activated via PA then ALT hold - the exact same way i would in a hot start but no Asterix in the cold scenario :-(
  18. Yeah runs until light on, then close cover :-(
  19. If I get in a hot start Mirage and activate the Autopilot ALT HOLD in flight it shows me an AP vector marker (Asterix *) in the HUD No matter what procedure I follow, doing a cold start I can not get this Asterix to show and I like it as I can quickly tell if the AP is active or not. Someone please help!
  20. I think my problem may have even been coming from my rudder pedals, so added a bigger deadzone to them - I dont like adding deadzone to the stick on the Harrier as I find drafting sideways in a hover gets really ugly with a deadzone. Seems to be a bit more stable after sorting out the pedals but I've still been finding it hard to get in the Autopilot ON in the allowable pitch range whilst fighting against the ever changing nose up and down trim, the trim also seems to occasionally go completely off the scale after a high G turn.
  21. It would be great when joining servers with massive lists of available aircraft and starting bases if there was a filter to allow the user to list just a chosen aircraft, base or both - It can be hard finding the required unit in lists of 100's, especially if the mission creators naming scheme isn't very methodical. And another note - it would be great to have an IP address book in the MP screens to quickly join servers on favourite IP addresses, especially ones that are private/not listed - even listed ones - listing by the favourite star is not always any more efficient.
  22. Having updated quite a few devices recently, the most recent being a new Warthog Flightstick I can't tell if its a stick calibration problem or a Harrier bug but has anyone else notice a lessening ability to fly straight and level without AP on recently? I get an unwanted aileron roll usually with the left wing dropping, I don't have the issue with any other aircraft so dont think it's the stick. This happens on a completely clean loadout equal fuel so completely balanced etc - trim does not sort the issue either it just lessens it then causes me to roll over the opposite direction.
  23. glad to hear it! You're welcome! If you dont already use it, using the Opentrack software in conjunction with EdTrackerPro UI is a far better combination as you can set curves etc - let me know if you need any more info
  24. I've a friend with the exact same problem and despite me installing it only 5-6 weeks ago i cant for the life of me find the install I downloaded so attached is the link I offered him. It is an exact copy of the EDtrackerPro folder from my Program Files - i'm hoping it'll work as a stand alone for you both but not been able to find out yet. Let me know how you get on! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vu42VPJ9fKlAKPOS1NMSRtZntC6CF-mZ/view?usp=sharing
  25. I'm nowhere near the settings of your machine but I got a new PC a month or so back running on an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7GHz GeForce RTX 2070, M2 SSD and it was running perfectly .... until two updates ago (beta) now my frame rates are all over the place (especially near ground) making it unplayable at times. I've crashed several Harriers in a hover through the severity of it and I've not changed a single DCS or graphics setting - I was pinning my hopes on another update soon to sort it (or switching to stable) - Monitoring my computer I never get any max or severe spikes over CPU/Memory or GPU but I have noticed my GPU running at less than 40% most of the time :-( Hope you get a solution
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