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  1. Welcome to DCS...Will we have meteor missile?
  2. When I tried to lock a MiG-25 at 55000 feet, Mach 2.5, I could see it on DDD and TID, but I couldn't lock it and go into PD STT mode. Also tried with the PD supersearch. when supersearch is not activated, DDD can show return normally. When activate the supersearch and move the gate to the return, the return will just disappear ,after release the trigger, the return will show back again. SS is done with 4 bars at same altitude. Aspect is set to NOSE correctly. Not able to switch to PDSTT / PSTT from TWS in this situation even at closer range , but use PS can get a PSTT lock @about 45NM.
  3. 当前进度,汉化完毕,准备校对(爆肝了一晚上233_(:з」∠)_)
  4. 用paypal又不麻烦,帮个银行账户的事情。
  5. 最近在自行汉化mig21bis的自带战役Stillness In Time (停滞的时间), 汉化进度将在此贴更新。
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