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  1. How many of those you see flying around with smoke pods? None.. because those don't have hardpoint pylons on them. Kinda my point.. You either make it a trainer or you don't
  2. I have flown the T38, L39C both in the Air Force. Both have pylons powered to place training munitions. My point is, if it is a trainer, then it should have a trainer loadout. It comes with 2 fictional skins. Aviojet, the company that made it and a fake US Air Force. If it is a Spanish Air Force trainer, I guarantee you they have a livery for it and they would have CAP 9's and a GAU pod they would place on it.. Colored Smoke is an Air Show CIVILIAN model and the TACAN would be REMOVED
  3. I have never known any trainer that only equips "smoke pods"
  4. That explains the Military model, but why is there one in the Civilian?
  5. Why is there a TACAN in the Civilian model and an ILS ADF in the military?
  6. It is now connecting locally through local IP. No changes were made to the router or server. Finiky!
  7. Dedicated now up and running. Server password set (Members only)
  8. Running DCS Dedicated server Server computer has proper ports open and forwarded. The server is listed for other clients outside the network, however, I cannot see the server listed from another computer in the same network. I have tried to direct connect to the internal IP and the external IP and it still cannot locate the server, even though others can see it and connect to it with no problems.
  9. We will be adding a dedicated A10 training server soon with rotating lessons..
  10. For most of our A10 members, PST, MST, CST, EST.. Although we use Zulu a bit as it pertains to our larger community in JTF (Joint Task Force 13) where we have European members.. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  11. The 163rd Blacksnakes is in need of dedicated Hawg Drivers. The 163rd offers: - Extensive Training - Monthly Campaign missions (With our Joint. Task Force) - Online servers - Adult Community - Service Awards and Rank structure Requirements: - DCS World Dedicated Open Beta - A10-C or A10-C II module - Syria Map (Other maps Recommended Persian Gulf) - 18 years or older - English speaking (or close enough) - Discord - SRS Apply online with us at http://forums.jtf13.com Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  12. In a way it sure is for a driver. Tends to develop bad habits for some system checking their Turbine busses are both operational.
  13. Also make sure you are using the correct low piper reticle with ranging.. Trigger stage 1, Pac1 Full Trigger, Pac2 Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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