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  1. Just played the first mission of the campaign. Noticed the frequencies for Nellis AFB in the documentation weren't the same as the ones in game. Also, could not contact ARCO for fuel. Other than that, it's a well orchestrated, immersive first mission!
  2. Would be nice to have the ability to bind quick jester commands without having to go into the menu. Like the STT lock enemy ahead. Even though its a great system, it obscures vision and takes precious seconds when getting close to a target.
  3. Seems like 18 JUL 2018 update broke the RWR export, as well as some controls on the profile, like the Radar and INS knobs, as well as all of the stuff on the BTTM console (RWR, jammer and ECM toggles.)
  4. Yeah the RWR is the only one i cant fix. :(
  5. +1 for the no-MFD release request.
  6. Any chance of having .psd files for the additional stuff, like the pilot (helmet), the "bort" numbers, etc..?
  7. Eager to try this out. Was planning to write my own. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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