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  1. Thanks, Andre! I'm aware of the compressor setting and will try it with only an few more effects active. With just some disabled on the other hand the compression did not do much, and crackling was still there when multiple effects kicked in.
  2. Indeed, same here :( How and where did you add some weights to your shaker? More "punch" sounds good!
  3. Thanks for your advise. I'll give it another try. Btw, I can "hear" Wags through the BK because I enabled audio mirroring in steamvr. For now this in combination with just a few SSA effects like flaps, gear up/down etc gives me the best results so far. I'd like to use SSA alone, that's what I bought Andre's Module for. But unfortunately it just doesn't come anyway close to F14 engine rumbling or afterburner ie with audio mirroring. Or I'm doing something wrong here. I was flying with SSA alone for one week. Then I was reminded what the BK is actually capable of when I enabled Steamvr audio
  4. Hi! I´ve been flying with my buttkicker gamer 2 in combination with SSA for a week now. I really enjoy SSA´s effects but somehow my buttkicker does too much of, what I call the Klack-klack-sounds. I already tried different values for the effects and adjusted the volume to avoid clipping. So I again tried the feeling of steamsvr audio mirroring, and what a difference! The rumbles feel much more from down below and way more powerful than the Brrrrrt-klack-klack :) In some few situations I can feel Wags´ words under my butt aswell, and I know its because of audio mirroring. Well, I decided for no
  5. I recently installed latest stable version and applied the specific mod version for it. I´m fine with it except.. cockpit shadows are much too dark. Had that problem way before and could resolve it, but cannot recall how. I regenerated fxo and metashaders, tried to disable or enable some options in _HDM.hlsl but no lock, regenerated shaders again etc.. no luck. Does anybody know what to do about this?
  6. Latest mod version works fine with latest DCS beta
  7. "Again, in my opinion, one can tinker with DCS/Steam settings for ever, but the only things that make a significant difference to performance are MSAA and SS/PD. Shadows also make a difference, but all the other stuff is largely irrelevant." I have to disagree here. From what I've read here in the forums and what I experienced for some years now is that some settings next to MSAA and SS/PD do make a huge difference. Default terrain shadows, visible range ie. Civil traffic is just load on the CPU, and causes stutter on my side. Chimney smoke just tanks GPU, because smoke in general does that a
  8. No. Only the first time, or prior flight when you load a map the first time. After that loading times are normal. Every now and then in the first flights you can get some stutter when a new shader is built I guess. Just test it. Works fine now on my end with todays update.
  9. in "saved games/DCS.openbeta" are these two folders "fxo" and "metashaders2". I delete them, they will be recreated. Now to the installation drive... Eagle Dynamics/DCS World OpenBeta/Mods/terrains/"the maps you own"/misc/metacache/dcs I rename the dcs folder to dcs.old. Ready to fly. At least that's how I always do it.
  10. Guess what... second picture looks better :thumbup: I've recently seen the original graphics alot, cause for some time the mod didn't work. And I'd loooove to to fly without the mod, cause it's a pain in the *** to activate it correctly. But I did not want to start a discussion weather to use it or not. In case of visuals everyone has his priorities. I don't care about seeing whats under the water. I've seen post of people turning off shadows to flat or even off in the cockpit. No go for me, it kills my immersion. As well the scratches on the canopy. I want to feel like inside the cockpit
  11. Easy to understand, when you think of a performance boost of around 25% in VR. Too bad you didn't have that on your system. For the visuals, you can turn off some things like simplified canopy or grass, and then it's hard for me to tell the difference to the original. Ok, less bloom.. For me this mod is a way to deal with the performance in 2.5.6. I was just trying to help. Doclucio said the mod is not working anymore, and that is not true.
  12. ...this! Btw: Kegetys shader mod has been updated and works fine now on OB 2.5.6! Maybe someone here wants to give it a try. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=215373
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