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  1. 352nd Fighter Squadron SX-B 42-26459 "Butch II" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315131/ Making this P-47 skin was a really unique and cool challenge for me. Doing some research I found out that the 352nd Fighter Squadron after WW2 was re-designated to the 159th Fighter Squadron who are now flying F-15Cs and will be receiving the F-35A soon. I'm from Florida so I frequently see the 159th Fighter Squadron flying around here so it was a enjoyable project for me knowing the 352nd has direct lineage to the 159th. Edit: Fixed the Fighter Group markings on the nose and fuselage markings on the inner intercooler outlet doors
  2. Here is my submission! 510th Fighter Squadron "The Touch of Texas" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315005/ Edit: Fixed fuselage markings on the inner intercooler outlet doors
  3. Congrats guys! Can't wait to fly the Tomcat on Wednesday
  4. Can't wait for the paint kit to release! :pilotfly:
  5. Is there a photoshop template available for reskins?
  6. This is would be a great idea! It's lame seeing an empty aircraft carrier
  7. F/A-18C Texture question How do you completely get rid of the bort numbers? Does anyone have description .lua file for this already?
  8. Flight with the wings folded is impossible because the ailerons are locked in neutral when the wings are folded. Refer to the F/A-18C NATOPS page I-2-69
  9. No it's not possible in real the real Hornet.
  10. CVW-8 is always looking for members who are willing to learn more and better their overall flight experience! We are organized exactly like the real CVW-8. We have many members with different backgrounds and training experiences. If you have any questions feel free to ask me or visit our website and teamspeak! https://www.cvw-8.org/ Teamspeak IP:
  11. I believe it'd be appropriate to sell the F-14D separate. What may seem minor modifications to most is certainly not the case. The F-14D had a huge avionics upgrade, APG-71 and digital flight controls.
  12. I've been watching all these press release videos of the Hornet and the IFLOLS on the USS John C. Stennis is really dim. It should be much brighter it's really hard to see.
  13. Heatblur....Take my money please!
  14. Texture Templates Does anyone have any idea when Eagle Dynamics will be releasing the texture templates for the F/A-18C?
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