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  1. That's definitely odd. Did you by chance change your loadout without re-loading the DSMS via the LOAD page?
  2. It just means that the alignment is unsatisfactory, just fly a bit and do a couple turns and it should give a good alignment. The code never changed. Cheers
  3. You can keep them plugged at max indefinitely in DCS (and my guess in IRL as well). It's all a matter of what you want to do as the A-10 is pretty good on fuel consumption even at max power.
  4. Missed the mark bud, but each to their own.
  5. Your boss asked, I'm simply showing him where the community picked up that impression. In addition, I looked through the referred thread and could not find what community member coined the term to which you were referring when discussing the upcoming new module announcement. Can you kindly point to that thread/post? Thanks.
  6. And you apparently missed the irony of using Louie CK as your prime example for getting your point across while accusing other of "self-flagellation".
  7. MI-8 IMO. It has a lot more stability and power than the UH-1 as well as seems to be far more robust as far as damage taken. It does lack MC at this point.
  8. Not sure why it matters but here ya go. - Thump
  9. By no means is it an indictment of those who want to buy into their EA process. I've bought the Hornet and A-10C II, so throwing stones would only shatter my own house. It is my expectation as to the probable quality of both the Hind and Apache at release and how long it will be until meaningful progress will be made. If the Hornet/Viper have taught us anything (along with weather and ATC systems, FY2016 promises), these will release severely underbaked (invulnerable Viper) and progress will be even slower than is currently being made (Hog 2.0 ARC-210 nowhere in sight afaik).
  10. This makes it five EA products. It will more than likely be the helo version of the Hornet/Viper release debacle just this time it will be Hind/Apache. They didn't even wait until the Hind's release like they did with the Hornet.
  11. No you don't....but in order to really take advantage of the whole purpose of an ER missile that is a MITL weapons system, ya will.
  12. Which begs the question as to why they don't just wait until next year to release it.
  13. Anyone know what's the point of having the SLAM-ER if we can't use the feed to complement its increased range? My only guess is that you don't have to offset or slow as much while it makes its way to the target so that you can MITL while closing on the target for followup.
  14. Hi Nuggit, Like they are saying, you generally have to see the launch. The only other way is anticipatory flare usage if you are in a fight and you see them pulling lead to put you within the launch envelope. If you are defending against MANPADS, then you can pre-emptively drop flares, release your weapons, then break and drop another bundle to try and defeat the shot. If you're with a human wingman, you can have one go cover to watch for launches while the other attacks. Cheers, Thump
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