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  1. F:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\aircraft\Mi-24P\Textures\mi-24p Unzip the Mi-24 file and you will see the pilot DDS pilot_MI24
  2. While I'm waiting for the Official Template, I thought I'd mess around with the UN skin n repaint it a wee bit. Any ideas when we might see it?
  3. Switch the radio switch from RADIO to ICS to hear the groundcrew, switch back to RADIO after rearming
  4. I noticed while flying in the gunner seat (AI Pilot) and below 700m Alt the Pilot Cmdr flies with RADAR Alt and above 700m it switched to BARO automatically. Would it be possible to have it so the human gunner can select BARO under 700m because the aircraft is porpoising so much over hilly terrain the aircraft is pitching constantly and its rather sickening in VR and 2D. Cutty
  5. Hi guys I have a slightly different issue with ModelViewer2, I get the following message when trying to start it. "This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem." Could anyone provide me with a solution please?
  6. I got rid of the engine number by editing the lua {"KA-50_BORT_NUMBERs", 0, "empty", true},
  7. Looking for help with BORT numbers also, either to completely remove them or a guide on how to change their colour.
  8. Can someone please point me at where the pilot textures and helmet are for the Su33. I can't see them in the textures folder. Also can you tell me what the command line in the lua is for the pilot, I'm trying to make a custom one for a friend. Thanks
  9. Hey guys can anyone point me to where this section of the underside of the F18 is on the template please?
  10. Guys there are two helmet file in the Textures folder, one end with "_cat" I used that to align my new helmet logo and it works a treat. I just need to align this one slightly but you get the idea.
  11. I’m sorry but nvidia plugin doesn’t work with my PS2020
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