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  1. Ah ok. So it doesnt work with the TGP? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  2. How do i slew the tgp to a A-A target when im using the aim-9?
  3. I tested this today. And at 25NM from target you kan see the ground even when you are zoomed out also. You can see the ground moving in, in the picture when you close the distance at 25NM. When you zoom in you can be liitle furter out to see the ground. Is there some way around so you can atleast see the ground at 40NM when you are zoomed out? Maybe alter some values or something? DEKA can you answear maybe? I really want this weapon to work!
  4. SO isi there any easy fix to up the brightness in daytime for this? Can you alter some value somewhere? Its hard to read in VR!
  5. ok, but how can i get it to work? Is it that i have to be 40nm or closer to the AKG to be able to see the ground?
  6. Its only water for me also. Are there any workarounds to see the ground? When im testing in singelplayer, it seems to work?
  7. Is it possible to use the AKG without the datalink to make so it hit a coordinate on the ground? Or do you have to control it by yourself the last 15NM? I tried to just make a PP! waypoint, but it just flew right over it. It didnt do anything?
  8. Yea exactly. It just feels wierd when all the other thing works so good. There must be a way to set it up in the real plane, and then it stays like that. The way it is now just cant be right..
  9. Ah yea its just that it takes 4 minutes longer after the autostart.
  10. What definately works is to do the GC align. Now it hit 100% of the time. So basicly if you want ti use the INS guided weapon like GB6 and LS6 you have to do the GC alignment. You cant do a auto start..
  11. OK, but is this even modelled in the JF-17? I mean to do 2 90 degree turns? Is there a way to see the INS alignment drift? I always use HNS+GPS and using fast align. Is there a way to know if the server have GPS enabled? Shouldnt all modern server have that on? Arnt you guys having the same problem?
  12. Om using TOO, and the weapon have had enogh time for sure. IM flying exactly towards the target. Its just strange that when i start HOT in air in singelplayer it works 100% of the time. But when i play on multiplayer server and do a autostart it often miss. So there have to be something to the auto start i think. Something isnt right. The target is a lonly shelter in the midle of nowhere.
  13. Have no ide whats happend lately. But im keep missing the shelters on multiplayer servers. If I start in the air on singelplayer, i hit them 100% of the time. Is there anything special I should do? I have the HNS in gps. And i often do a autostart, can that be the problem that the INS isnt aligned properly or what? This is getting really enoying, when i keep missing like 60-70% of the time. Do any have any ide what can be the problem?
  14. Not sure if this is a bug. But when you set the A-A radar on left screen, and press S1 forward to enter dogfight mode the radar goes to middle screen again. And first time you cant change dogfight radar submodes. You have to cycle to nav and back to be able to change them. After you do that you can change the submodes like boresight and so on.. Just think the radar should stay on the left screen and enter the A-A dogfight mode. And when you press S1 (dogfight returns to previus master mode/Mfd default) The radar returns back to middle screen. It just feels li
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