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  1. Om using TOO, and the weapon have had enogh time for sure. IM flying exactly towards the target. Its just strange that when i start HOT in air in singelplayer it works 100% of the time. But when i play on multiplayer server and do a autostart it often miss. So there have to be something to the auto start i think. Something isnt right. The target is a lonly shelter in the midle of nowhere.
  2. Have no ide whats happend lately. But im keep missing the shelters on multiplayer servers. If I start in the air on singelplayer, i hit them 100% of the time. Is there anything special I should do? I have the HNS in gps. And i often do a autostart, can that be the problem that the INS isnt aligned properly or what? This is getting really enoying, when i keep missing like 60-70% of the time. Do any have any ide what can be the problem?
  3. Not sure if this is a bug. But when you set the A-A radar on left screen, and press S1 forward to enter dogfight mode the radar goes to middle screen again. And first time you cant change dogfight radar submodes. You have to cycle to nav and back to be able to change them. After you do that you can change the submodes like boresight and so on.. Just think the radar should stay on the left screen and enter the A-A dogfight mode. And when you press S1 (dogfight returns to previus master mode/Mfd default) The radar returns back to middle screen. It just feels like if you have the radar on left screen wich i want, that when you press S1 that it shouldnt revert back the radar to middle screen on first press. It should only exit the dogfight mode and leave the radar on left screen? I can reproduce it all the time on first try.
  4. When you have waypoints on FP-A and then press FP-A to switch to APP and change landing airfield its really hard to go back to the waypoints. It seems like its always reverting back to APP. After i while i can get back to the regular waypoints, have no ide what im doing to get back to them. The way i reproduce it is. Have a couple of f10 waypoints. Takeoff from a airfield, press APP and land on that airfield. Then just takeoff and try and put FP-A and use the regular waypoints. I cant get them to work then. And always when im switching between NAV and A-G, A-A mode it reverts back to APP waypoint..
  5. Cant change range when loosing track on GMT1 radar. If you lock something up on the GMT radar and the radar looses track it sometimes doesnt work to change the range on the radar. Then i have to cycle the to NAV and back to AG for it to work. Not sure exactly what is causing it. WIll test more..
  6. Yes exactly. Its like its having 2 SPIs. Hope you can fix it, im using the HUD diaomond often.
  7. Try and mark a point on the ground and slave the TGP to that point. Then make the TGP as SOI and move the TGP around. Then make HUD as SOI and try and center the Diamond on the hud and try and move it. Thats how i reproduse it. Its not always, but sometimes i cant move it, it just disapears..
  8. Not sure if its a bug or what but sometimes when im in A-G GMT1 mode, it reverts back to MAP mode when losing tracks? Should it be like that?
  9. Are you checking this issue? It’s really enoying! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  10. Gain and brightness doesnt save when when switching between BH and WH on the TGP sometimes. But sometimes it seems to do it. I dont know whats going on? And why is the tgp gain and brightess so off when you turn it on? Sometimes its just completely black or white and the gain and brightness is at like -9, and -7 for example?
  11. Here you have a picture on how I see it in VR. On max TID Brightness. And this is on a monitor. Its even worse in VR. All the lines are very thin. But like i said before on night missions the lines are like they should..
  12. Is it only me and a couple of others who have the brightness issue on the TID in daytime? Its very hard to see the letters and lines on the TID in daytime. In nighttime its perfectly normal. Im playing on a HP Reverb G2 headset also. Just wanna confirm if others are having the same problem in VR?
  13. Ok, you are missing the point here. We have 1 axis controlling 2 functions. I have the F16 throttle, the same as in the JF-17. I’m using the thumb wheel controlling the TGP zoom and Radar elevation. If I turn the wheel forward I want it to zoom in. But that also mean that if a turn the wheel forward when I have the radar selected the elevation moves down which is opposite to all other airplanes with a radar. It’s awkward. If I reverse the axis the zoom on the TGP gets reversed. So when I turn the wheel forward the TGP zooms out. Which feels weird. The logical for me is: Wheel forward: TGP zoom in and radar elevation up. Now it is: Wheel forward: TGP zoom in and radar elevation down.. It would be nice to just have a setting under special menu to reverse the radar elevation separately. Du you get what I mean here? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk It
  14. When I have the HUD as soi and want to move the target marking diamond it always works first time. Often the second time when I recenter the diamond in the hud and try to move it, it just disappears. Then I have to cycle from NAV mode to AG mode (not sure what I do) then it starts working again. But some thing isn’t right for sure. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  15. Nice! Thats only for the regular elevation axis right? Not the sensivity on the slide function? Can you also make a function to invert the elevation axis maybe? Cause if I use the same axis for tgp and elevation. Then when I turn the wheel down I move the elevation up. So it’s little awkward.. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  16. Yea i see its a brightness issue. On night mission the TID is good. It’s just when it’s day is to dim. It needs to be brighter. Anyway to fix it? It’s really enoying! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  17. Any Dev might wanna answer? But is there a way to make the radar less sensitive when using the slide option on the axis for the radar elevation? Maybe just alter some numbers in a lua file or anything? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  18. Exactly, if I zoom in on the TID the lines and letters are perfect. When I’m in the normal view it’s hard to see everything. I’m in VR and using HP Reverb G2 also. Isn’t there any easy fix to just make all the lines thicker? I know you could do it in the F18 tho to just modify some lua file.. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  19. Yea, it’s really enoying! Gonna investigate tomorrow. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  20. Yes, we really need that function to select next TWS target to launch the Aim-54 at.. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  21. I have the same problem here. Really hard to see the TID in VR now! The lines and letters are to small.. Have no idea why? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  22. The TID screen got way harder to read now in VR. It feels like all the lines and letters got smaller and have less pixels? Anyway to get back like it was before? Its not good now for VR users atleast..
  23. Which of the jammer options are generally better in a pvp environment? Type 1 or type 2? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
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