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  1. Yes you are. It saves that position Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  2. Yes I tested it now again on the server, and now its like it should be, 7 hits so it seems to be working now..
  3. Hm ok, thats strange. I have to test it on the server again..
  4. Im playing on the DDCS server where if you use the RB75T it takes 25 hits to kill a Shelter and if you use the RB75B it takes 11 hits. Ill include a picture, it looks like that. I think its a hardened shelter.. Ok so maybe its doing more dmg on vehicles, but on some stationary objects like this shelter, it do less dmg.
  5. Shouldnt the RB-75T do more damage then the RB-75 and RB-75-B? When killing shelters and other ground units and such the RB-75T do less damage? Shouldnt the RB-75T be equal to the AGM-65H or F? Is this a bug or?
  6. Yes i know that, its just that it have been like this now for several years, that RB-75T do less dmg. Just want to know if its being worked on somehow? Maybe HB can clarify this?
  7. Shouldnt the RB-75T do more damage then the RB-75 and RB-75-B? When killing shelters and other ground units and such the RB-75T do less damage? Shouldnt the RB-75T be equal to the AGM-65F on the Harrier? Is this a bug or?
  8. Yea the performance increase is amazing! I just hope the new players takes the time to understand the server and all you can do on it. It can be little overwelming in the beginning. So read the guide that is out there. This is the only server I play on, its just awsome when you understand it!
  9. I just recently had this red/white flashing thing in VR. I have used this mod for ages and it have been working perfect but, today i got that red/white flashing thing and laserbeam.hlsl is breaking the integrity check. How can it just out of nothing stop working? Any advice on what to do here?
  10. Its just that they break integrity! Otherwise they are good! I play 99% on multiplayer so cant use them.
  11. Is there anyway to make so they dont break integrity? It doesnt work in MP now..
  12. yes, they are thin. And it seems like it is the brightness that is causing they to be thin. Cause its only in daylight they are so thin. If you are playing in dusk or dark the lines are completely fine. There must be a easy way so you can brighten the textures on the VDI, to just alter some values. Can heatblur maybe answear? Its really ennoying in VR!
  13. You dont need the “in range” notification to fire the rockets. To be able to fire the rockets. You can’t be banked to much, you also can’t be in a to steep dive. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  14. Well how do i set the TGP in AA mode? I have never seen that function on the Harrier?
  15. Ah ok. So it doesnt work with the TGP? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  16. How do i slew the tgp to a A-A target when im using the aim-9?
  17. I tested this today. And at 25NM from target you kan see the ground even when you are zoomed out also. You can see the ground moving in, in the picture when you close the distance at 25NM. When you zoom in you can be liitle furter out to see the ground. Is there some way around so you can atleast see the ground at 40NM when you are zoomed out? Maybe alter some values or something? DEKA can you answear maybe? I really want this weapon to work!
  18. SO isi there any easy fix to up the brightness in daytime for this? Can you alter some value somewhere? Its hard to read in VR!
  19. ok, but how can i get it to work? Is it that i have to be 40nm or closer to the AKG to be able to see the ground?
  20. Its only water for me also. Are there any workarounds to see the ground? When im testing in singelplayer, it seems to work?
  21. Is it possible to use the AKG without the datalink to make so it hit a coordinate on the ground? Or do you have to control it by yourself the last 15NM? I tried to just make a PP! waypoint, but it just flew right over it. It didnt do anything?
  22. Yea exactly. It just feels wierd when all the other thing works so good. There must be a way to set it up in the real plane, and then it stays like that. The way it is now just cant be right..
  23. Ah yea its just that it takes 4 minutes longer after the autostart.
  24. What definately works is to do the GC align. Now it hit 100% of the time. So basicly if you want ti use the INS guided weapon like GB6 and LS6 you have to do the GC alignment. You cant do a auto start..
  25. OK, but is this even modelled in the JF-17? I mean to do 2 90 degree turns? Is there a way to see the INS alignment drift? I always use HNS+GPS and using fast align. Is there a way to know if the server have GPS enabled? Shouldnt all modern server have that on? Arnt you guys having the same problem?
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