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  1. As you say I want to see my surfaces like how the wings are folded and if my slats are out and so on..
  2. So does that mean that every time i start the game it will compile the new shaders? wich takes long time?
  3. Nice! Thx for that! [emoji4] Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. Is it possible somehow to only have the top mirror turned on? instead of all 3? I guess it takes more CPU power the more mirrors you have turned on? I play only in VR and to have all the mirrors turned on takes to much CPU power. But i really want to use the mirrors, espacially in a dogfight, but its almost impossible cause of the CPU it takes. Is there maybe a mod you can make to have the 2 sidemirrors turned off? If not maybe HB can think of that as an option later?
  5. Is it like this in the real airplane that you cant do anything with HOTAS control on the right HSD display? It just feels wierd that you cant even change the range on the HSD when you make the right display HSD as SOI? Just want to know if its gona be like this all the time or if its something missing here?
  6. This still isnt fixed when using axis. PLS fix it..
  7. It have to do with Viacom voice attack. Dont use it and it will work.
  8. same here. I can play 1 time then i have to do a repair if i want to play another time..
  9. Im talking about the radar elevation rate that is linked to the same axis as the TPOD zoom. Not the radar cursor slew rate. And you cant change the radar elevator in the special tab. The only way to make the radar elevator slower if you have it on an axis is to modify the axis curve, but the problem is that it also effects the TPOD zoom also then.. And when i have 100% travel on the axis the elevator on the radar is super sensitive! if I move the exis like 2-3 millimeters I move the radar elevator like 10-20000 feet. That is the problem.
  10. Yea but they are linked to the same axis. The radar elevator is super sensitive. And if I change so the radar elevator sensivity is slower I dont get all the range of the TPOD zoom..
  11. Sorry for wrong title, dont know how to change it? But Is there a way to reduce the speed on the radar elevation without it also changing the TPOD zoom speed?
  12. Hope it gets fixed today! Really miss this function!
  13. Yea but I guess it shouldnt be that way? Anyway its a minor problem thou
  14. You cant ground stabilize the TPOD if you are more then 20NM out. Make sure you are within 20NM on the target you want to lock. I guess thats the problem..
  15. Have found 2 potential bug on the BRM 90mm rockets. Several times now I havent been able to launch the rockets. I have to cycle to the other pod for it to work. Its not happening all the time thou. Also if I the arm the EFUZE on the rockets and then switch weapons and then back to the 90mm Rockets it sometimes revert back to SAFE on the fuze setting. Not sure if that is intended thou? Just do a test and change the fuze to EFUZE and then switch weapon to LD10 and then back several times, it then reverts back to SAFE.
  16. I meant the diamond in the HUD. When you have the hud as SOI.
  17. 2 Its not on a knob. Its beeping constantly. Even if its no RWR contacts. I havent tested in SP thou. But on MP servers its constantly beeping like there is a new RWR contacts..
  18. I think its a bug! It shouldt beep all the time. The beeping you are refering to is new contacts on the RWR. And its bugged now..
  19. same here. Cant change the TWS azimuth with s2 right..
  20. The sound when new contacts are seen on the RWR are constantly beeping. So it must be a bug?
  21. same here. Still not fixed properly. I can atleast move the diamond on the hud, but its extremely slow and jerky..
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