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  1. I think 4-6 missiles should be enough if the flight consists of 2 or more aircraft.
  2. I hope there is some optimization planned soon, especially for users with low end machines like me.
  3. My PC specs: GPU: GTX 750 ti OC 2GB VRAM CPU: Intel I5 3470 RAM: 8GB DDR3 I can't join in multiplayer and have stutters in singleplayer... I thought 2.5 was supposed to run better than 1.5 atleast in low settings?
  4. I tried firing them (From a Ka-50), but it crashed after several seconds in the air.
  5. Thats the only one I could find. It doesn't have English audio tho, only subtitles.
  6. Make sure that you are HOLDING the trim while pulling and when you have slown down then release! Also try using "Central Positioning Trimmer Mode" (if you dont already) and make sure you have "Rudder Trimmer" on (if you are not using pedals).
  7. Ok try holding 35/40 degrees pitch and balance the altitude with collective. EDIT: Also watch the bearing and try to compensate if stats changing too much.
  8. The targeting system seems pretty much the same.
  9. Well I found this but I dont know if its a range finder... Look at 0:55
  10. Yesterday I bought the Su-25A and noticed the sound in the cockpit too quiet, I can't hear the engines but the RWR sounds fine, is that normal?
  11. Thanks for the replay. :thumbup:
  12. Well those things look very cool, hopefully we get them soon. :D
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