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  1. I suppose it doesn't apply to all of them, for instance the RWR remains the very default one. And once again job well done HB devs! [ATTACH]208680[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]208681[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]208682[/ATTACH]
  2. No other than creating a new one then checking the random failure boxes. [ATTACH]203537[/ATTACH]
  3. Results are quite identical either switching them off or inducing malfunction by shutting down the engines. There're always minor spots need polishing and indeed, Devs have done hard work creating mods detailed as hornet :book:
  4. Comrades, Such bug was observed when I trigger both generator failure. On the contrary according to A1-F18AC-NFM-000 page V-15-22, emergency landing gear extension is expected active in such situation as long as hydraulic circuit 2A stays online. This makes emergency landing implausible upon such occasion, given that generators fail after both engines fail and fall through 60% RPM. [ATTACH]203474[/ATTACH] Also NVG Floodlights seem like another anomaly-to-be referring at least to the table above. Have a nice flight Cheers
  5. OP can you give the Cd formula correlated to Mach number with the Cx_k0~k4?
  6. Same here. Not a low-hanging fruit even on release day.:smilewink:
  7. I see, that explains why. Policy is a little bit strict for those boosting the gears on regular basis:ermm:
  8. hey folks, last hours i tried upgrading (actually downgrading by some standards) from xeon to i7 6800K. Same OS same everything else, after some routine-systematic-driver-repatching in response to newly installed CPU, the program asked me to relogin followed by a request of reactivating modules i previously bought on steam. Things back to normal when i switch back to old rig, it appears that the activation mechanism is CPU-basis, or partially based as we all know redoing operating system will cost tickets as well. It's intriguing if someone can try different ones of the same spec to see if it
  9. I reckon they're saving energy due to the global warming :megalol: got me every time when landing those birds w/o nvg :doh: looking forward to future update
  10. I was literally giving a thought of upgrading to 1080 last night, thankfully I stepped back anyway. $700 for 1080Ti in NV's store, meanwhile €600 for 1080 on amazon.de for a while Hmm, awaiting pricedown in EU market...
  11. Hi guys, I found an error in F-15C's manual, page 49, "The 940 indication, for example, means that the cannon has 940 PGU-38 shells remaining." As far as I know the 25mm PGU-38/U HEI is applied to GAU-12/U ; PGU series compatible with 20mm M61A1 on F-15C include PGU-27A/B TP, PGU-30A/B TP-T and mainly PGU-28A/B SAPHEI.:joystick:
  12. Since F-15SAs are equipped with AN/ALQ-211, there could be double warning for both laser and missile approaching as well. FLIR Ultra 8500 practically works as a laser-based rangefinder just like IRST on MIG-29s/SU-27s and the IR/laser proximity fuse part on Russian IR missiles. I can only imagine the pilot originally set countermeasure dispense mode to AUTO, which explains why there were merely two separate counts of flare while pilot still engaging afterburner without maneuvering. Easy to understand there should be warning to activate the auto-dispense. Well, enough warning and abundant
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