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  1. Would reducing trees to 0 work and would it be considered cheating? ;)
  2. I guess it is a choice between AA and PD. I find 1.3 works OM if AA is on. Especially with helicopters I find everything too shimmery without AA
  3. Interesting. I was hoping you would do this. I was on a practice mission before the update and it is still coming up post update (not a problem) I assume once I clear that it will just give me the qualification missions?
  4. How are you setting AF off? I tried ctrl num 1 and using tray tool but it still runs at 45 fps or 90, nothing in between. Does it matter which ctrl key you use (left or right) and do you need numlock off or on?
  5. Vsync is off. Tried on 1.3 pd and still no where near 90fps. What map are you testing on? Which plane, which mission? Even on the A10 training mission unguided bombs I am not getting 90 at high alt.
  6. Not to be that guy but I thought one of the reasons for release of 2.5 taking so long was so these things could be tested. I understand bugs can creep in but something as repeatable as this should not be there. My worry is whether it will ever be fixed? The weapons training in the old version was broken (no gunner was present) and was never fixed. Love the module and was planning on it being my focus until Iron flag for the A10 comes out but it looks like both campaigns for it have significant issues and expecting customers to edit the missions as needed is not really acceptable. Here's hoping for a quick fix on this one!
  7. I am amazed you can hit 90fps most of the time with those settings. I have an 8700 at 5ghz and 3ghz ram with a 1080ti and have not seen 90 fps at any time. I do run pd at 1.5 though
  8. Generally a restart seems to fix it but it is annoying nonetheless
  9. Just went to tes out the training missions and there are now only 2...cold start and weapons training. Am I missing something?
  10. HI I am occasionally getting black backgrounds on the mfd maps in the A10 and the kneeboard maps (the ones showing the flight path) Seems to be related to MSAA and deferred shading as changing these settings fixes it. However there does not seem to be one combo that causes it. I have seen it with MSAA on or off. Sometimes a restart will also fix it. Anyone else? This is in the rift using a 1080ti and i7 8700
  11. Obviously different missions behave differently but I am testing using the target practice mission for the A10 and can happily run at pretty constant 45 fps with everything pretty much set to high, full trees. 1.5 pd, AF AND DS . I must say scenery is gobsmackingly beautiful with these settings though I think the sun blindness is a bit ott. It was very choppy with these settings before I deleted the options/lau and the shaders folders in saved games. Specs are i7 8700 and 1080ti etc.
  12. SOmething odd going on here, some people with high end systems seem very happy others are reporting huge problems.
  13. Is the altitude issue sorted now? In other words if the instructor says to fly at 6000ft do we still need to deduct 500 ft?
  14. My NLR V3 works fine in 2.5. Try activating the DCS V2 profile in the Next level app? Also my trees looked like that. Upped some settings (shadows I suspect is what did it) and they were much more like you see in the videos
  15. Hi Jabbers, Really helpful tips. Will you need to update this guide for 2.5?
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