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  1. Oh man, I would have loved to see the instructor's reaction! :thumbup:
  2. Hey 303, did you end up getting the Huey? I wonder if it lives up to your expectations. Happy flying!
  3. Following your post, I downloaded the newest game-ready driver and selected "clean install". Now performance is perfect! Where I used to get 40-45 FPS (on ramp with static hornets) I now get 60+. Thank you! :thumbup:
  4. I just got the hornet recently and didn't realize it's been worked on. However, FPS still sinks to mid 40's when looking at a row of 4-6 static hornets in an airfield, and with TrackIR it's very noticeable. Annoyingly, this is the case in every training/instant mission I tried so far. :( Editing the missions sounds like a good workaround. I'll try that next time. Thanks!
  5. Has this problem been acknowledged yet by ED? I'm going through the training missions which uses plenty of static hornets and this is quite frustrating.
  6. Are the landing/search lights weaker in 2.5? It seems that by the time I get close to the refugee camp, it's almost impossible to see the road unless I fly dangerously close to trees.
  7. A pleasure to watch! I wonder if the gentlemen from the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation were at all aware of Belsimtek's sim prior to meeting with you guys. And if they weren't, it would be very interesting to see one of them trying it out for the first time and giving first impressions.
  8. I just now finished this mini-campaign, and it was absolutely awesome! Realistic yet simple, with superb voice acting. Thanks for making it! :thumbup:
  9. I've been flying the UH-1H for 2 days now, and I absolutely love everything about it! ... EXCEPT the fact that when I lean left to get a closer look at the central\upper panels, my virtual head bangs against an invisible wall! I tried to edit the Limits_6DOF line in Views.lua located at "DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\Uh-1H" like I did with the KA-50. I figured out that z axis is my left and right, and after changing it, I am able to go further with CTRL+SHIFT+numpad but NOT with head tracking input (I had made sure movement range in Opentrack is large enough). I'm at a loss. Any ideas?
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