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  1. So far really enjoying this module. Got to see a Georgian Hind blasting around Mtskheta outside of Tbilisi a few years ago and got this shot. What an awesome beast!
  2. I’ve got a Warthog HOTAS and am having trouble getting the boat switch to work. I’m not using TARGET. When I bind the boat switch in Control Options panel, all looks good. I flick the switch back and it indicate Boat Switch Aft and I flick it forward and it indicates Boat Switch Forward. In the game, however, I flick the switch and nothing happens. Meanwhile, the keyboard equivalents, C and V, work fine. Any suggestions? Thanks!:helpsmilie:
  3. This mission is killing me. It’s the one where you’re loaded down with six Sparrows and a couple of 9Ms and you’re going after four Su-24s and their covering MiG-29s going after your carrier group. I take off and head in the threat direction, usually using burner to get up to around 15,000 feet quickly. Then, using my radar in Sparrow mode, I get a quick lock on an inbound target. As soon as I launch by Sparrow, usually at around 9-11 miles, the targets get clearer and it quickly becomes apparent that I’ve gone after one of the more distant Su-24s rather than the MiG-29s who, by this point, are much closer to me and are firing before I have much of a chance to react. Any suggestions on strategy for this mission? Should I wait to get closer and pick off the MiG-29s in visual range with a Sparrow? Even closer with a Sidewinder? Should I be prosecuting the at BVR with a more refined technique? Should I be flying rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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