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  1. Old topic --> Seems to be something that happen sometime in the between of one patch and another
  2. I hope the new system arrives quickly, it is an essential part for the flight simulation.
  3. Just to know you that in the A10C II it works (for me) as expected. I don't fly the first version of the airplane anymore so I cannot give you a feedback on this. Bye
  4. In the video Wags released it seems the behaviour of the SAS is way smooth than before. I'd like to watch the behaviour during some more demanding maneuver as well.
  5. The ED manual says ( page 308 ): "Hook Mode (TAG: OWN, BULL, or CURS), rotary OSB 18. This OSB function is only displayed when you have hooked a TAD symbol with the cursor. TAD symbols can include the SPI, TGP diamond, waypoint/steerpoint, or bullseye. When a symbol is hooked, the SPI symbol is placed over it and a dashed, yellow line leads from the SPI symbol to the rotary selection." Someone could help and clarify if is it to intend as a bug or is the normal behaviour ? Thanks.
  6. Exactly, elasticity is necessary to avoid breackage. As the movement in the cockpit noticeable between the front panel and the canopy bow at as well. Anyway for me, there's some minor movement in the wing, no doubt.
  7. Keep going, the end is near :) How much heavy are the textures comparing them to the stock ones in terms of bytes? Could you give me some example?
  8. Very nice work, lookin' forward to test it!
  9. No problem. Many of us that are awaiting. I'm looking forward to understand what they mean with "dramatic visual and system upgrade". :v:
  10. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4160206&postcount=232 "Following the free A-10C cockpit update, we will be releasing A-10C Warthog 2 in 2020. This will be a dramatic visual and systems upgrade to our A-10C. Once the new features have been finalized, we look forward to sharing them with you."
  11. Here we are! This issue seems to be alive again, 2 times tonight during HADB45 with the IDLE throttle. Someone noticed the same behaviour ?
  12. The drag. This is one of the things people don't think much about. Someone point the finger at the engine's performance, while instead there may be a correlation. In the past, between one patch and another, there has been a significant change in this sense, and I remember it well. And while the engine parameters have remained the same, the aircraft's performance and behavior have changed. The ED has already spoken about the engines also in detail. Now it would be useful to receive some information about the "fluid" in which the aircraft move. Have a good day.
  13. Very interesting, thank you guys.
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