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  1. What? Are you unwell? "the mig-15 isnt worth it" ?? That plane got so much spunk and grit and history, dude, that is a must have plane if you like the f-86. Mig15 in VR is just a beauty to behold.
  2. The usual crowd will always get upset by questions like these. They love to come down on people with their condescending attitude with a touch of elitist twist to it. They cant handle questions from ordinary users and call you a "whiner" for just about anything unless you conform and hit the floor with all your paws in the air.
  3. Thinking on getting the Syria map. Is it frame friendly or has it potential to become frame friendly. I guess its not really finished and optimized fully yet. Should be some indicators that it can be framefriendly. Its for VR im asking.
  4. korean map has been on my wishlist for a long time and for reasons predating the f-16. The f86 and mig15 are such great modules that hasent had a home in dcs at all. Fictional airwar has also a lot of possibilities here from the 1950s to present day jets.
  5. Just wanted to share my wish for this map. So much you could do with this map.
  6. Bob1

    Mig 19

    I got the mig19 module and wonder if there are any adversary modules being developed? Mig19 was up against f-100 super sabre, f105 thunderchief, f4 phantom, early french mirage? Thanks. edit: I noticed I posted this in the wrong place. Couldnt find a way to delete it. Sorry about that.
  7. Both of these planes, f86 and mig15 are just a work of art. So much grit and spirit and a joy to dogfight, at least against ai where you can make them rookies if you want. In VR they are my favorite planes but I dont have the f14 yet. I do love the older jets. I would recomend strongly to head over to lockonfiles.com and download "diveplanes" soundmods for f86 and mig15. Makes a big difference in my ears. Goes from rather dull external sounds to awsome.
  8. "wood, you got'em?" hollywood: "not yet, I cant see'm, they must be close, Im getting a ****** (non ED disorder)"
  9. Was just passing by in the forums and have to say the f/86 sabre and mig-15 is just 2 awsome planes with so much grit and spirit. Dogfighting AI migs or sabres in VR are so beutiful. Hope there will be more modules from 50-60-70s.
  10. This I didnt know, thank you for clearing that up. Having access to the sound files, its sdef and structures made it quite an easy task to create something myself but now with only the txt file in the docs folder as a guide makes it very difficult....but...if its as you say then thats it for easy modding. I used the original sound files to go back and forth to hear what I wanted to change. Thanks for answering. Now I can put this to rest, ha ha ha, the new folder system was giving me quite an itch.
  11. The sound folder has been kind of locked in the main game folder but the structure is still there inside the coding somehow if I understand it right. There is a txt file with the structure in dcs doc folder that you can use for modding sounds in saved games dcs folder. I would like to suggest that you release the full sound folder with all the sound files inside the saved games dcs folder so people can have the same access to the sound files as they have for many years now. You can still keep the sound files in main game dcs folder coded and hidden but in the saved games folder we should have
  12. Bob1

    Sound modding

    I was wondering if someone knows if there are some kind of list that explains the Sw soundfiles and to what button or switch in the cockpit the numbers are refering to? Effects/Aircrafts/F-5E/Cockpit/Sw04_Down Aircrafts/F-5E/Cockpit/Sw04_Up.sdef Here is Sw04 and I would like to find out the excact button or switch the 04 is. I think those Sw files are for buttons and switches inside the cockpit. If I had access to the sdef files I might find some reference there but those are gone now or hidden in the main game folder?
  13. Bob1

    Sound modding

    Hi. I deleted my post so you can delete yours so that is out of the way )) Sorry about that, didnt think of it that way. It is a valid reason for sure. Thanks .
  14. Would anyone care to share starways vietnam texture mod for dcs 1.5 with a dl link? I would appreciate it 10000 cause that was awsome in vr. I will try this for dcs 2.5 but i miss the vietnam mod for 1.5 . Thanks in advance.
  15. Does this texture mod demand more from my video card or less or the same? Thanks for sharing. I really liked your other texture mods so I guess I will take to this one too. I use vr and need all the frames I can get so thats why Im asking.
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