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  1. This is what i came out after some practicing. My rudder coordination still sucks after rudder pedals change, new one has like twice the movement range which my legs still reject
  2. Yes i have, at beginning it rolls very nice, but once tail lifts hard part begins looks like i need to hold tail down a bit longer. Mosquito take off roll is very long compare to spitfire or p-51 so the rudder nightmare lasts longer.
  3. In what way exactly ? Corsair is developed not by ED . Another thing that engine used in corsair is not exactly the same as in P-47, corsair don't have turbo, it uses 2 stage 2 speed superchargers.
  4. @Basco1 This how i take off and land after learning this thing, before it was quite hard to learn. Remember to set full right rudder trim before take off, helps a lot. You just get used to it, same was for me when i switched from twist stick in to rudder pedals It felt almost impossible
  5. I have seen quite a lot ppl complaining about take off assist, pretty every topic involving question about take off, first question always is "Did you turn off take off assist".
  6. @Holbeach Exactly heavy weight, short airfield, why not use max power
  7. Set full rpm, this allow you to just not worry about over boosting because you have all available boost at those rpm. Another thing, when fighting at high alt when throttle is maxed out by increasing rpm you will gain more boost, so with lower rpm your max ceiling going down.
  8. @kermitlefrog What i found beside engine time limitations, the oil temp is very important, always remember when switching in to higher power to open oil cooler, i often open it almost max. I noticed that oil temp likes to hit 100C very easy.
  9. I know that in p51 boost regulator kick in at 41inch. Late p51b got boost regulator with regulation range starting from 26inch or so. Apparently dcs p51 is mix of early/late version.
  10. Maybe they did. Maybe Merlin 66 and 25 share same boost regulator and V-1650 has different boost regulator.
  11. This is my point as well, if ED would not research this topic deep enough or didn't have time or desire to do it, they would copy paste throttle from spitfire or P-51, so when they put some effort in modeling this and it behave different then one in P-51.
  12. For me it does not, different boost regulator different supercharger gearing, different engine rpm when running 7lbs boost on the ground. For me this only says P-51 /= mosquito. I think this warning sound also informs pilot that he operate engines below single engine power requirement, very useful when flying low, but this is only my guessing, this is why horn sounds very early, unlike P-51 when horn fires up when throttle is closed, in case P-51 it reminds to drop landing gear
  13. Travel of the throttle levers is very short for power obtained, this mean that you just touch the throttle and you have a lot of power. If you have something like this mentioned in pilot notes then it means that throttle behavior is abnormal and warns pilot to expect different then other planes behavior. Throttle maxed out, everyone expect that you get max power, throttle 1/4 no one expect half power. It is better then nothing.
  14. Ofc boost level vs throttle position is not linear, climb to 10k ft and you will have less then 7lbs at throttle wide open. Wonder my self as well
  15. If it says like that then yes, for example at hot day you can't interconnect throttle for take off carb air temp is limiting factor. Second case, you don't need 52" for every take off, you can take off w/o turbo Third case, no turbo for engine/accessories test as well
  16. Ofc it is better i always fly that way. Throttle full then i add boost through the turbo. This way you get lower carb air temp at same MAP and this equals more power But at sea level you need both throttle and booster lever full on to get 52"
  17. Only concern with 100 octane fuel is carb air temp, at very hot day use turb during take off would exceed carb air temp limit so, sometimes you take off w/o turbo. But no altitude limits for turbo anymore with 100 octane fuel.
  18. If you want 52" you have to use turbo for this. This was already discussed and P-47 manual say it clearly that for 52" you need use turbo. Full throttle should give around 45" . DCS got this modeled correctly.
  19. It increases through out available alt of this plane. By turning mw50 off you increase charge temp, and speed drops, it is noticeable at 7.4 km i assume that at 7.4 km boost higher then 1.45 is available no more.
  20. Comon 1.8 ATA at 9000m how ? DCS K-4 is way below 1.8 at 9000m And this speed for 9000m is w/o mw50, if you engaged it it will bring speed up a bit as well.
  21. Do not forget to feather and stop right engine before bailing out
  22. Fuel burn is high because like you said for cruising you have to use very high power, and for this no solution available.
  23. At current state, i don't see any solution for this problem until spitfire cooling system will be fixed.
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