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  1. Btw di anyone notice that spitfire at max power setting is super quiet ??
  2. I assumed that horizontal trim setting is neutral trim, then what ever this trim is called i use this. Then i don't need to push stick to avoid stalling while taking off. Even taking off with max boost.
  3. Different prop, different exhaust stacks. Anyway, this high pitch remind me supercharger whine from bf-109
  4. I've never seen someone posting in that way, "After take off in Bf-109, when my speed increase rpm of the engine goes up beyond red line then my engine dies, what am i doing wrong." It is always like that,"everything is in green, i tried everything but engine keeps dying"
  5. I fly most of the time continuous power and in combat i push to military, don't like mw50 in Dora you never know when engine will give up. 30min Combat Power is quite long.
  6. Bf-109 the lightest from all of them, it may feel like no inertia. Another proof that bf109 has inertia is that this plane don't accelerate to max speed in no time in level flight.
  7. I was recalling that i played with this as well in recent past, but it may be dependent on jug version, we have 3 versions iirc.
  8. I wasn't going against japan fighters, i just listed what we already have. I am much more into introducing Japan fighter since F4U is coming already some day, japan fighter would be the best in that case, so another U.S. navy fighter not a good idea.
  9. Cool but against which axis fighter this one should go up against ? K-4 D-9 A-8 ? I would vote for F6F Hellcat this one would fit much better. Captured I-16 is option.
  10. I think that our p-47 has option to interconnect throttle and rpm lever. I think it is good solution for landing as well as dive bombing
  11. It could be that, iirc manual says select main tank before landing. It would require to carefully analyze fuel system in P-47, could be that fuel pumps will not drain fuel from drop tanks at idle speed. If you can replicate this watch fuel pressure gauge, if pressure drops mean that fuel is not fed to fuel system.
  12. As far as i know that P-47 was designed from start to use 100 grade fuel, but as Manual mention, p-47 works just fine with 91 grade which was used in training apparently very often. Just with lower power limits.
  13. Limits for 91 grade I found this part, which was edited by this DCS guide From point 15, Almost copy pasted Unfortunately guide creator mixed all in to one adding some stuff as well. because in no single manual, i can see that author giving this 52" MP by only throttle. I can see only warnings to not exceed 52. Just take flight instruction manual or manual and just read that.
  14. you can get even more, said that earlier. But for take off, could be possible if there would be an airfield located 2km below SL
  15. Set covers down don't do anything, switches will remain in AUTO position, Set covers up will move switches in to AUTO position from what ever position they were.
  16. Last part about water injection is taken from P-47N manual. I could not find anything about it in manuals for P-47 prior N variants
  17. There is no such a thing like standard take off boost for P-47, 52" is just maximum Take off power. To obtain max power for take off you would need to do as fallows After you line up with run way, push boost lever to position which will give you 52" with throttle open full. Where this spot is exactly it should be marked if not you just need to test it by yourself. Then open throttle fully and you have your "300hp" back, ofc you need to watch MP and retard throttle if MP starts rising up
  18. I use neutral trim, It is just perfect. With 1 notch up plane like to pitch up early at take off. With neutral trim it fly off with out any pitch intput.
  19. Flight manual advice to use neutral elevator trim this mean 2 notch down from initial position.
  20. Acording to this 3250rpm has 30min time limit. But this table isn't quite logical for me, unless this Emergency power mean use of MW50 for take off.
  21. Look how act oil temp in P-47, exact the same as you open cooling door temp drops fast. I don't think so that ED coded P-47 with error. I hope that ED will finish up cooling system in spitfire, which is missing important stuff. I am very suspicious about coolant in P-51 not much about how cooling door works, but about cooling system efficiency. Since you boil engine while taking off at hot ambient temp even when you open cooland door fully, cooling is not sufficient for high alt fights as well, you can pretty much flight straight level with full power any drop in speed ends up with over heating.
  22. I want to see it in that manual i would not believe because someone have said so. I posted screen from manual intended for D -25 through -35 . It says that for take off you need boost. This one from manual for B,C,D
  23. Let assume that throttle would give 52 at SL standard atm. You would stll complain that you get 53 boost because ambient pressure would be higher, or you would get 50 inch at elevated airfield
  24. I take off in other way. I open throttle to max then i grab boost lever and add boost as required
  25. R-2800 has single speed single stage supercharger, If you look at planes which use this engine or similar one for example R-2000 they all have about 46" at full throttle. Manual do not say it because you can take off w/o boost lever if you want. But this does not mean that you will get 52" with throttle alone while taking off. But as you gain speed throttle alone will give you even more then 52" so boost depends how fast you fly. Manual did not say how much you get from throttle because boost depends on airfield elevation and ambient pressure.
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