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  1. That is why i hope for P-51H some day with wet WEP 80" or 90" with 150 grade fuel.
  2. Just remember that MW50 does not increase ATA directly, it only allow for higher ATA. ATA increase is done via boost regulator.
  3. Both k-4 and P-51 loose boost above 8000m at 12000m p-51 is boosting something around 30" iirc. MW-50 cools inlet charge it give some HP still. 150 grade fuel only impact performance below crit alt, so at alt above 8000m it will change nothing, i will say more that 72" crit alt for P-51 will be lower then 8k m, maybe 7.5 or 7. at 8000m boost will drop anyway so 150 fule change nothing up high. But 150 fuel will help P-51 at SL for sure
  4. In climb K-4 just blast P-51 clean off. I did plenty of climbs up to 42k ft and i can tell that K-4 i a lot faster in climb.
  5. I was fighting P-51 at 30k in DCS. It is just easy against P-51. Tell me what is happening above 6000 m in K-4, exactly what ? That it looses climb rate a lot more then P51? Climb ability is far better at any alt in K-4 then in P-51
  6. K-4 rocks 1.8 ATA up to 8km, so where exactly K-4 lacks the power ? G-6 yes, crit alt was at 20k ft but K-4 is tow to two with P-51.
  7. If P-51 turns worse then k-4 at alt how so it is better performance ? Maybe i know different definition of "better performance". Already said gap between P-51 and K-4 become bigger with alt. Every plane fly different at alt, and all warbirds which we have in DCS fly faster and turn worse at alt
  8. you just saying contradictions, superior at low speed(K-4) and better performance(P-51) at altitude :P, since at altitude IAS are significant lower it is logical that K-4 gain advantage here if it is superior at low speed 6k meters i think it is something more like 7.5k-8k,K-4's engine has different supercharger then previous 109s, so this is different story. So both K-4 and P-51 crit alt is the same. And K-4 will gain a lot over P-51 at high alt. Mw50 does not increase MP, Mw50 allow for higher MP, but MP increase is done via boost regulator. Even above crit alt, MW50 still gives more power due to charge cooling. At low alt P-51 can do instantaneous high G pulls which is quite handy vs K-4, but at high alt not any more. Overall at high alt P-51 gains nothing only looses against K-4
  9. Exactly what i said, higher you go K-4 will gain advantage over P-51, at SL P-51 can do something but at 20k or higher is in deep trouble. Still i would not call it far superior, Far superior for me is Spitfire in turn fight with Fw190. K-4 and P-51 are much closer at low alt.
  10. P-51 has the oldest FM, as it is first module. Then D-9 flies just different then A-8. Performance wise, it has more power, this mean that is able to reach higher G in sustained turn, and i think D-9 is the fastest plane at level flight. Combat wise most of this things does not matter. The most important thing is your group which you fly with, you can get kills in A8 as easy as in D9. A8 has more cannons on board
  11. yeah In my country i have 2 options. this is what i have now and this i think i buy those one soon but not sure are those woth the money. Price is 573$/479Euro Or should i look fore something beyond borders.
  12. What kind of rudder pedals do you have, mine wont work so smooth ever.
  13. Delay is normal, depends on the plane. Anyway for me D-9 and A-8 act quite similar. I use exactly same technique for take off.
  14. I use button as well for brakes. And tap-tap technique. Specially that spit is super slow at touch down that you barely need any braking at all.
  15. 1.2 ATA in FW190 comes with reduced rpm as well, so lower ATA and lower rpm gives a lot less power. 1.1 ATA is cruise power so don't expect that Anton will lift off at 1.2 ATA easy. It is not the case as in P-51 where you stay at 3000rpm and you can go for 50" take off.
  16. I do it when i'm passing 100kph, waiting too long until 150kph, take note that plane accelerate quite fast when you see 150, 160 is on the way already :), if you still keep full back pressure bird will try to lift off at that point. So i release stick when passing 100kph.
  17. Wow 160 US gal/h at 1850hp compare to 198 gal/h at 1720hp for V-1650-7. Wow that is economic engine there.
  18. Just remember that those engines are projected for 300h-500h, so operational limits are set accordingly. Probably you should get away with 1 hour of military power in that thing. Don't think that those time limits are set at the edged. RPM/MP are quite close limits as always you want to have as much power from engine as possible. So if you exceed 3060rpm in dive you should expect something to happen. If you push engine couple minutes longer then limit nothing really happens maybe it loses 20-40 hours of life time. When in flight i overspeed prop rpm, i cant do much, only is to pull out of the dive. I always refer to real manuals if it comes to DCS warbirds.
  19. Limits are set that all engine will survive it. Those are operational limits that's it. If manual says 3060 rpm is max, it is just that way. Going in to any detail is just pointless. And power limits are quite different thing. 52" 2700 is limited to 15 min. It is not total limit so when you let your engine cool off you can engage another 15 min Staying at 2700 rpm but with reduced MP for example 35" you can fly much much longer then 15min. What is the issue here that engine is going puff even before 3000rpm. Lowre rpm allow for more economic flight.
  20. I have but no problem with that. Friction slider on warthog hotas is very resistant to move, so it is not interfering while using rudder pedals. Remember it works both way, so you need take your foot of rudder pedals, to allow slider to work. If any of this inputs are sending some input noise, this trick wont work.
  21. It was linked couple times already. Doesn't say how much long engine can operate at this rpm, but in game even below 3000 makes your engine dead after couple of seconds.
  22. It is easy way around, since german's planes has automatic prop gavernos, at least in my case i have small slider(friction lever) free, so i assign rudder axis to it then in flight i can precise set rudder trim.
  23. Every single one about P-47. Same case as in P-51. 3000rpm is max rpm set by governor, but maximum permissible rpm is 3250, again red marking at 3000rpm.
  24. If continuous power is still too slow, you can use military power for climb. 52" 2700rpm 10mins with this power should accelerate climb a lot.
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