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  1. From my experience thermostat opens when it needs, when it need to be wide open it will do that, if you overheat this mean that you are flying too slow. Engine failures don't depend on temps, sometimes i set 110C for coolant which is ok by manual and engine is just fine.

    @percydanvers no way that oil pressure drop below minimum, unless something serious happen to the engine, when engine is fine oil pressure stays above minimum even at idle rpm on the ground, in flight idle rpm are much higher.

  2. Oxygen control in US planes has Normal operation and Emergency mode only, there is no OFF position, this mean that you don't touch this at all.

    You flipped to emergency position and this will drain oxygen tank pretty fast, this is used when oxygen supply fails and it allow pilot to descent to safe alt.

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  3. Planes like mosquito will tend to slide in side the turn so, when turning you need to correct side slip with rudder and counter react with aileron to not bank deeper, it is all muscle memory, i think it is impossible to tell you what to do exactly and you will suddenly score best turn ratios.

    Watch speed, watch your slip indicator and maintain bank angle. A-10 does this job for you in mosquito you need to focus on this and do it buy yourself, it is quite challenging in combat situation.

  4. 2 minutes ago, fapador said:

    Of course I think it is more tail heavy if u remove Mgs and cannon. Mgs weight with ammo are 212 kg Cannon is 98kg and not 90kg as @razo+r said. MW50 tank is 85 litres that is less than 85 kg but lets say 85kh say an other 10kg in radios and another 10kg in armor. Now add pilot seat instrument panel control linkages seatbelts... 

    But check where cannon sits, it is almost at CG of the plane same with mgs most mass is cramped in bolting mechanism with ammo, mw50 tank and radio and armor plate is far from cg it affect it a lot more despite heaving less mass.

    It will make plane heavier but it don't affect CG as much as stuff mounted in tail.

  5. Cannon and mgs are mounted behind engine they counter tail heaviness no as much. Your conclusion that by removing mw50 tank and radio equipment and armour plates and putting  in that place empty space for 2nd pilot supposed to make plane more tail heavy? That is just weird.

  6. 33 minutes ago, fapador said:

    Its an empty airframe but a tandem layout which means more rearheavy. It should respond close to an armed k-4*, as far as tail rise with speed is concerned . At least not have a 40kmh discrepancy. That  surely is not ballpark...


    I will not agree here, even it is 2 seater additional seat and gauges and controls will not be heavier then MW50 tank and accessories, on top of it radio equipment which was very heavy back in ww2 as well as retractable tail wheel instalaton which sits at very end of the tail oh forgot about armor plating as well 🙂

    By my feeling this G-12 is less tail heavy by far then combat K-4

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