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  1. Travel of the throttle levers is very short for power obtained, this mean that you just touch the throttle and you have a lot of power. If you have something like this mentioned in pilot notes then it means that throttle behavior is abnormal and warns pilot to expect different then other planes behavior. Throttle maxed out, everyone expect that you get max power, throttle 1/4 no one expect half power. It is better then nothing.
  2. Ofc boost level vs throttle position is not linear, climb to 10k ft and you will have less then 7lbs at throttle wide open. Wonder my self as well
  3. If it says like that then yes, for example at hot day you can't interconnect throttle for take off carb air temp is limiting factor. Second case, you don't need 52" for every take off, you can take off w/o turbo Third case, no turbo for engine/accessories test as well
  4. Ofc it is better i always fly that way. Throttle full then i add boost through the turbo. This way you get lower carb air temp at same MAP and this equals more power But at sea level you need both throttle and booster lever full on to get 52"
  5. Only concern with 100 octane fuel is carb air temp, at very hot day use turb during take off would exceed carb air temp limit so, sometimes you take off w/o turbo. But no altitude limits for turbo anymore with 100 octane fuel.
  6. If you want 52" you have to use turbo for this. This was already discussed and P-47 manual say it clearly that for 52" you need use turbo. Full throttle should give around 45" . DCS got this modeled correctly.
  7. It increases through out available alt of this plane. By turning mw50 off you increase charge temp, and speed drops, it is noticeable at 7.4 km i assume that at 7.4 km boost higher then 1.45 is available no more.
  8. Comon 1.8 ATA at 9000m how ? DCS K-4 is way below 1.8 at 9000m And this speed for 9000m is w/o mw50, if you engaged it it will bring speed up a bit as well.
  9. Do not forget to feather and stop right engine before bailing out
  10. Fuel burn is high because like you said for cruising you have to use very high power, and for this no solution available.
  11. At current state, i don't see any solution for this problem until spitfire cooling system will be fixed.
  12. Descent is quite problematic thing, since you can't over cool engine so cut power is not an option. After you descend, like @Callsign112 siad, pull 1 or 2 sharp turns, then you bleed your speed, or start your descent early. Spitfire is the most problematic at this moment since it misses thermostatic valve simulation. it maybe be the case that descent will be almost impossible in case of spitfire, but rest of warbirds you should be fine.
  13. Max ceiling what is it exactly. Let say that you fly your mossie 2650/ 8 boost, so you expect to get to 30k at this power setting, so you are at 30k running 2650 rpm then you hit 3000rpm and you go up 10k ft higher ?? No!! max ceiling is achieved at max rpm and max throttle. Max ceiling for lower rpm will be lower as well. Don't expect when at 2650rpm to get near 30k. Service ceiling for P-51 at 2700 rpm is 37k for 3000rpm is way above 40k
  14. No, you can't do full engine run up. I asked on forum about this feature (to be able to hold tail down) sometime ago, but respons was that it is pointless and adds nothing to the game.
  15. When ppl have problem with recognizing engine type mounted in this 2 seater G-12 i'm speechless It is obvious that in 2016 recording DB engine is mounted and the recent has merlin or alison mounted, exhaust stack in upper part, 2 big bulges to fit cylinder's heads, different prop, and it looks ugly AF.
  16. @razo+r Yes, you covered the topic completely
  17. It is just crazy for me, how slow he flies this G-12 not going above 220kph. I have feeling that K-4 with throttle closed would fly faster
  18. Open cooling shutter if you are going vertical. And dont get high hopes with ai. I tried dora vs dora and i cant keep vertical with other dora w/o overheating
  19. Make sure that atmospheric parameters match values for standard atm very important.
  20. It is hard to answer, if you overheat a little bit that you can get away with this, if you overheat by far it may damage vital parts of the engine and soon failure can happen. To your questions, since air do the cooling yes you can cool down radial with dive and power reduction always, but this does not mean that your engine will be fine tho.
  21. First, manual opening radiator flaps in spitfire is pointless since above certain temp i think it is 120C or something they go wide open regardless of flap control switch. Second, once temp go way above temp limit coolant is boiling extremely fast so pressure relive valve is venting coolant out, in matter of 20s-30s you may went out most of your coolant, so when you see that temp is raising above limit cut down power immediately and pray. Coolant reservoir tank is very small, this is small copper tank just above reduction gearbox, once you start venting coolant there is no going back.
  22. Mosquito uses constant speed props. Prop lever changes set rpm. But mechanism responsible for rpm need certain things to be present in order to take any effect, if plane sits on the ground idling moving rpm lever changes nothing. No matter boost used, prop lever always full forward for take off.
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