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  1. I know for sure, that they fixed negative pitch, before when you look at prop blade, pitch angle was negative just like in reverse thrust. Now this is gone so one + for this.
  2. D-30 early and D-40 useable only from mission editor or multiplayer server slot.
  3. Sure, set it as secondary issue, now we need to focus on 2.7 problems. I will re-test it in 2.7 soon.
  4. Ram air will affect carb temp, and MP. It will increase boost significantly at high speeds, it effect is only visible above critical alt, at sea level it actually reduce power due to excessive air temp heat up. Probably impossible to reach max cellling with out RAM air. In practical use RAM air will increase max throttle altitude. RAM air is present in all warbirds, it is hard to detect since P-51 spitfire bf109 or fw190 use automatic boost control so any gain from ram air below crit alts will be cut out via throttle valve. This effect is very visible in P-47 which doe
  5. Now full screen works as intended, when alt tabted it will minimize, allow to access desktop, so if you have multiple monitors you need to use borderless window, just like every other game now. Borderless window = fullscreen unchecked as i see it now, before 2.7 when you unchecked this option game would restart in window mode.
  6. If ram operated via keyboard bindings, ram air has no effect.
  7. You need to click area near the switch which corresponds to auto/high or low position, clicking switch alone do nothing. There is no need to switch supercharger High gear manually, automatic switch will do it for you in proper time. Doing it too early you will lose power. Low blower 61"/3000rpm 1600hp, 52"/3000rpm 1380hp ideal switch point for this rpm. High blower 61"/3000rpm 1380hp
  8. Uncheck FullScreen option. This switch to window bordelss mode now. No more alt tab problem.
  9. It moves back and forth because you change thrust. When you run up engine to 2300 rpm then drop rpm down, you reduce thrust so plane will back off a little bit, then when you increase rpm plane will move forward a little bit. It is landing gear which bend a little bit when thrust is applied.
  10. Aftercooler don't have gauge because over heating is very unlikely. Anyway even short time on WEP engine can seizure, i have this multiple times, even after landing and sitting on the ground with engine turned off, you will hear laud bang and engine wont move anymore.
  11. Looks like moving fuel pump selector all the way forward by mouse, turns them off. Again, why for fuel pump selector create axis input, it is obvious that this is indexed lever, there is only Off, pump 1, pump 2 or both pumps on, no intermediate positions allowed. I just cant grasp that why do it in the first plance. In this 2.7 patch ED messed a lot of controls in the planes, including mouse controls, which i cant think off why exactly. Bf-109 fuel pump.trk
  12. Ok, but i run out of available axis already I don't know why assigning ram air to axis, it isn't thing which you need to adjust smoothly, you do ram air or filter in.
  13. Animation is the least of problem. P-51 lost RAM air, so significant lost of performance above static critical altitude. i checked other warbirds, fortunately RAM air is working.
  14. Look at MP, with ram air or filter in operation MP is the same, Ram air position this mean Lever full forward will give additional boost based on your IAS. And this feature is missing right now, at least for me.
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