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  1. If the wheel nuts on your car are loose you could lose your wheel the next time you drive.
  2. It may just be me, but it seems to be everywhere, even amongst native English speakers. Probably spreading through imitation.
  3. verb verb: loose; 3rd person present: looses; past tense: loosed; past participle: loosed; gerund or present participle: loosing 1. set free; release. "the hounds have been loosed" verb verb: lose; 3rd person present: loses; past tense: lost; past participle: lost; gerund or present participle: losing 1. be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something). "I've lost my appetite" Sorry for being the spelling / grammar police, and I wouldn't usually bring it up, but I couldn't help but notice that the same error was in the last paragraph of the campaign description.
  4. To my surprise, I was able to do the AAR in this mission yesterday much more easily than I expected, I didn't even disconnect once. I put this down to the following: I am using VR, throughout I was focusing on keeping the markings on the bottom of the tanker in the same place relative to the canopy frame. I did not check my speed on the HUD, not even once (as my eyes weren't focused on it). For my HOTAS, an X52 Pro, I simply don't think that there's enough resolution on the physical throttle axis to get the fine control necessary when mapping the entire range, so I have set up two curves that I can switch between: the default which I use almost always, and one for landings (and AAR) - I use a curve that maps the physical throttle range to a limited range in the sim (something like 77 - 90%). I'm in no way exceptional at this, and AAR is not something I do regularly. If I can do it so can anyone. I then went on to screw up the rest of the mission as I struggled to work out what was going on. Sigh. Try again later.
  5. Not sure if it's down to my hearing or the speakers on my Quest 2, but what exactly does the AWACS say (it sounds to me like "rock")? Is it a bullseye call? Should I have been able to see the bogey on the SA page? (I didn't). EDIT: sorry. asked and answered a few posts below. EDIT2: sorry again. on kneeboard for mission: "For the exercise - don’t use SA page, check Magic calls on the radar" In the briefings, the "ATOCONF MESSAGE SETS". Is there an explanation anywhere as to how to decode this stuff? Enjoying this campaign, thank you.
  6. This should be ok for the most part, but there are certainly cases where the old clouds don't work as they used to:
  7. So I got on Google and found this: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwit2oulv6XwAhVVuXEKHQ1gAKAQFjAQegQIFRAD&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.globalsecurity.org%2Fmilitary%2Flibrary%2Fpolicy%2Fnavy%2Fnrtc%2F14313_ch1.pdf&usg=AOvVaw1bVnWPEQ806gN8bSQ6abbk And, er, it's complicated - but the document does give a good insight into what's going on.
  8. As true today as it was when the OP's very reasonable question was asked nearly three years ago. The manual needs to be much clearer on this, otherwise you just end up with forum speculation. That is not meant to be a criticism of the many interesting comments above, but delving into the minutiae of, for instance, model numbers of fuses doesn't really help in DCS; the manual should provide, at the very least, a layman's explanation of each fuse type and a table of what should be selected for each weapon, and for instances where there is more than one choice when to use each. The whole DCS fuse thing still remains a mystery to me. My best guess is that ED have an idea of what should appear on the MFD pages but much of the background implementation is just not there. With a few exceptions only one set of options will work for a specific weapon anyway and I just set those because Matt Wagner said so on YouTube, without having a clue as to why. If different options are available IRL that are set on the ground they are not in DCS (yet?) as they would need to be a mission editor option (similar to what is available for rockets). My request for the next YouTube video? Wags's Wonderful World of Fuzes. Pt I. Nose, tail or nose/tail: how, why and when.
  9. Pls see attached track. Go to 07:35:30. I turn on CPL AUTO SEQ, and the aircraft flies direct to WP2. If I understand the following correctly, the a/c should instead intercept the SEQ course line to WP2 first and then follow that. From NATOPS cpl_auto_seq.trk
  10. To add to this. Sorry if I've missed something, but if not using the new clouds should things have stayed as they were before with the old clouds? Following are screenshots from two missions (which I created a while back). The first used to have an overcast at around 1000 ft so I could practise case II launches. The other was a night mission with no cloud, for case III. They now both look very, very wrong. cont...
  11. OK. Track attached. Mission has the F-18 ready to taxi on the ramp. Notice that I press the HSI - AUTO button repeatedly and nothing happens. Once I start the aircraft moving pressing AUTO does work. I then bring the aircraft to a stop and AUTO continues to work - so it's not an issue of the aircraft being stationary on the ground. Evidence? Well, the same behaviour occurs in a mission where the aircraft starts on the runway (track not included, but trust me the same thing happens ;)). Evidently the aircraft has had to move to get to the runway, so AUTO should work in this case at least. The NATOPS says nothing about AUTO not working before the aircraft is moved. Surely this would be mentioned. It seems entirely reasonable to expect to be able to set AUTO and WP1 on the ground so that after the takeoff the aircraft is configured and the CPL A/P can be quickly engaged. I can think of no logical reason as to why it is not possible to engage AUTO before the aircraft starts moving. EDIT: Also, this doesn't appear to happen in missions where the a/c starts on the carrier. auto_wp_mov.trk
  12. I notice the post has been tagged as "need track replay". A track replay will show nothing as I will just be sitting in the a/c on the runway pushing the button for AUTO on the HSI page, and nothing will happen.
  13. Thank you. Sorry for wasting your time.
  14. As per NATOPS 2.9 The a/c (in CPL, AUTO, A/P) always overflies the waypoint, no matter whether OVFLY is selected or not.
  15. Whether it's a mission where the aircraft starts on the ramp, or on the runway ready for takeoff, pushing the button for AUTO on the HSI does nothing. It only works if pushed after the aircraft starts moving.
  16. I take off with WP1 selected, and turn on CPL A/P. AUTO is not selected. If I select AUTO the WP is changed to WP0. Is this the expected behaviour? Shouldn't it stay on WP1 (which is what was happening in the previous version of the open beta)? See track for details. I turn AUTO on and off several times and it appears to be ok, but it eventually happens (I think when I am far enough from WP0?). auto_wp0.trk
  17. The big question: which one is "wrong"? I think it's the one on the SA page.
  18. Pls see track. Just above 5000 ft in a climb with CPL selected, I select BALT. I would expect the A/P to capture the altitude; however it is too aggressive and the A/P disables itself. Also the HUD continues to show CPL WYPT even though the CPL mode is no longer active. ap_alt_cap.trk
  19. I was wondering what this "bug" was, as I'd never noticed anything before. I see a track has been requested so I've posted one. If you look at the RDDI, as I switch between the SA and HSI pages you can see that the A/C symbol is not in the same place (it's lower in the SA page). Hopefully that is the issue being referred to - if not, sorry for wasting everyone's time. hsi_sa_ac.trk
  20. However, I am now seeing another issue that I was not seeing previously. In the same mission I take off with WP1 selected, and turn on CPL A/P. AUTO is not selected. If I select AUTO the WP is changed to WP0. Is this the expected behaviour? Shouldn't it stay on WP1 (which is what was happening in the previous version)? See track for details. I turn AUTO on and off several times and it appears to be ok, but it eventually happens (I think when I am far enough from WP0). Interestingly, if I replay the track from the other day (above), this behaviour is now seen, whereas it wasn't with the previous version. auto_wp0.trk EDIT: Pls ignore, have opened a new post for this.
  21. I flew the mission again and this is now appears to be working correctly following the latest update. Thank you.
  22. Here it is. Go to around 07:45 (edit: SORRY 07:35) as I approach WP1. Note on the HSI how the WP symbol jumps and the A/P CPL can't deal with it (edit: apologies again, the A/P does deal with it, but because the WP suddenly jumps to being behind the aircraft it starts a 180 turn to the left - so the route cannot be flown correctly using A/P CPL, AUTO). I then disengage the A/P and have to set WP2 manually (i.e it doesn't automatically cycle). The issue is clearer as I approach WP2 and WP3 which should be on the "corners" of the route. P.S. Not shown on track, and I have posted about it before, but it doesn't appear to be possible on the runway to activate AUTO on the HSI before the aircraft starts moving. Thanks for replying, and thanks for all the fixes / additions in 2.7 (esp. the command heading on HUD now accounting for drift). Sorry the track is not "short", but hopefully not too much of a problem. Edit: This doesn't appear to be an issue in all missions. Perhaps it has something to do with the waypoints being at a high altitude for this one (34,000 ft)? hsi_wp.trk
  23. Thanks for the quick reply. I can confirm that I am still seeing this issue. Although it is a set of missions I created some time ago, so was wondering if it could be due to that. Will post track shortly.
  24. Bump. Is this still an open issue? I have several missions where I'm still seeing this behaviour.
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