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  1. This I think is the cause of most of the issues, as I often get unwanted cyclic control "bounce" as the joystick recentres. Hence my suggestion of removing this arbitrary delay and giving control of it to the player instead. Your point re the AP being disabled is a good one, and I would suggest that it remain so until the button is released. Thanks for replying. Unfortunately I encountered so many other issues during a few hours of re-familiarising myself with the ka-50 that in the end I've had to give up on it.
  2. Sorry, I can see why my post could appear a bit unclear, but I thought it would be obvious from the context. My main question relates to setting up a mission where the SAMs / AAA are not known about beforehand so should not show up on the SA page at all; it was a mission editor question, not a cockpit avionics question. I thought that ticking the ME option "HIDDEN ON MFD" for the particular SAM / AAA group would accomplish this, but as stated, it doesn't appear to. I then went off on a bit of a tangent with the other two options, as I don't think the descriptions in
  3. Ticking "hidden on mfd" for the group does not seem to make any difference, so what exactly does this setting do? It doesn't appear to be documented in the manual. Whilst I'm on the subject, looking at the manual, the following entries would benefit from being made a little clearer: What does sentence (1) actually mean? Does it mean what is said in sentence (2) and is then needlessly repeated again in sentence (3)? If so, maybe just one sentence saying this instead of three would be clearer. What is the "briefing map"? I'm not aware of there being a map i
  4. That's not what I'm seeing. What I see is that the controls are set when the button is released. I was asking for this to happen when the button is pressed, and for joystick inputs to then be ignored until the button is released. TBH I'm not sure whether this would be a better system, but I think it could be. I have tried the central position option, but this brings up other issues for me which I won't bore you with here. Thanks for replying though. With the wingmen it's not frequencies or anything like that, because they take off and start to respond after I've flo
  5. In reply to OP: I've just spent a few hours with the ka-50, after not having used it for many years. I've been refamiliarising myself using the "Gauntlet" mission which is one I'm particularly familiar with, and I'm having all sorts of problems that I don't remember were there before (e.g. IIRC the AI wingmen used to be helpful in this mission, whereas they appear to be hopeless now). I can't help getting the feeling that the main DCS engine / missions / etc have moved on but the ka-50 has not kept up with changes. I realise it is rather unfair of me to comment in this way afte
  6. Thanks I'll give that a go. Sorry for being so lazy and just posting without trying this, but it's been such a long time since I've used the ka-50 that I can't remember the steps to shut down (or to start back up again).
  7. In the "Gauntlet" mission I inevitably take damage and so return to the FARP, but when asking for repair receive the response "unable to comply" from the ground crew. Any idea why this might be? I am able to rearm and refuel.
  8. After many years away, I thought I'd give the ka-50 a go. A few observations / requests. The ka-50 specific options for trim are not explained in the manual, they really should be. When I use the trim switch (default option), there is always motion of the controls as the physical joystick recentres. Would it be possible to have an option where: push trim button - sets trimmed controls position. keep holding trim button whilst allowing (physical) joystick to recentre - joystick inputs are ignored. release trim button after (physical) joystick rece
  9. I have a whole series of missions I've created where I was setting the altimeter at mission start with the X: COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION trigger. This appears to have changed so the altimeter is now set incorrectly in all the missions. This is mildly irritating.
  10. After having a particularly frustrating interaction with the ME last night (described here), might I humbly suggest that the mechanism for picking / moving units / groups could do with some improvement? Where there are many unit icons (and possibly waypoints) in close proximity that overlap: One click (and specifically release) of the mouse button switches between the primary unit only of each group, and marks the entire group as selected. Clicking and dragging (no release) will then move the selected entire group and will never move a subunit individually.
  11. Thank you for your curious little recommendations. I think at this point I'll be sticking with option number one.
  12. I have found that this usually works if, say, there are a number of aircraft waypoints close to each other. However, in the situation I describe, I have seven ships (in one group) in close proximity, and a number of aircraft taking off and/or landing from the carrier. At no point was I able to click so that the carrier was selected. I would cycle through planes and some ships but never the carrier. Furthermore, my suggestion that zooming in could be a solution did not work either. I later zoomed in so that the ships separated and clicking on the individual carrier icon selected
  13. I'm using the mission editor and have a carrier group, planes etc very close to each other so that I just see a bunch of icons very close together. There is one simple thing I want to do: move the carrier group. I click on it, but no, some other unit is selected. If I'm not very careful, I'll move a carefully-placed unit that I didn't intend to move. Ooops, no problem Ctrl-Z to undo. Only, no, there is no undo function!!! arrrgh. Ok. Let's try bringing up the list and selecting the main unit from there. Surely that should do it. I select the carrier (unit 1) in t
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