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  1. @Callsign112I think ED knows well how niche their market is. What I'm trying to say is that most gamers don't find fun in super realistic products. By "feature x" I meant all those general things that users use to say DCS lacks be it AI, ground units, dynamic campaign, weather, ATC... you name it.
  2. No, it's just an aircraft module, but it was true... in 2010. Same outdated info is still available in FC3 description: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/planes/flaming_cliffs/
  3. Guys, please, you're running in circles by saying all the same thing again and again. One of you will buy anything unless it comes with paid DLC assets that prevent players to join the server using it - we get it - no point in repeating that. One of you dream of DCS FPS - it was pointed out many times in this very thread why it is very far from that to happen in near future. What both of you does not seem to grasp is how all the mentioned games are different from each other and what target players they aim for. I presume that even if all DCS modules were free and there were highly
  4. I think you can pass on 1600x900 version as it's rare and I guess most DCS users use at least FullHD or higher already. I don't know where your assumptions come from but it may be well that any themes are wiped from memory when more is needed during the game. Regarding your PC the RAM is the least of your concern. That A10 and HD8670 are hard pressed against DCS 2.5 requirements. You'd be better off with v1.5 performance wise, unfortunately it would mean no F-14 or MiG-29 in Professional Flight Model version or many others made since 2018. Heatblur promised to take care
  5. That's just how it is currently. Full lights are dull during a sunny day and bloom at night.
  6. The pics are from May 2020 - there were a lot of light changes in DCS back then. Also did you turn your instrument lights wheel to the max? It's #9 here: http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/cockpit.html#master-light-control-panel
  7. It is updated on regular basis, don't worry.
  8. Yes, I got Jester's subtitles just fine - you can't turn these off, only in mission editor.
  9. Please don't delete the question after it is answered - the forum conversation doesn't make sense now, does it?
  10. Why would you look in the editor for training missions? If there are any missions for SC they will be for the F-18 and F-14 modules in either Mission or Instant Action menu. Also check this one:
  11. In formation and AAR where two aircraft move in space simulataneously think of it like orbiter docking into space station. You just make small, short pssst corrections with attitude rocket motor, then you make another one to correct more or counter the first one The tutorials rarely go into details how to move your stick in AAR as this is purely muscle memory and practice, practice, practice. If you need more fine throttle control use the curves on the throttle axis. Whenever you hear "return pre-contact" from boom operator during AAR you need to call "ready pre-contact" again
  12. Just to inform that I flew mission #8 and it worked flawlessly. That was the only part I waited for a fix, thx btw: apart from not seeing the AWACS/command comms, as I forgot to turn the subtitles on... again, LOL.
  13. OK, I know what you mean. It's the same during a game. You can still use num-pad arrows to pan around and / * keys to zoom in/out when the mouse is not working.
  14. Looks normal. For the HUD there is HUD BRT knob on the left of VDI.
  15. Why would you do that in the sim?
  16. 400kts is Mach 0.6 at sea level (and higher MN at higher alt) around which the wing sweep program starts to move the wings back a bit. http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html#wing-sweep-system
  17. It probably should not do that in the replay - no point in selecting anything with a mouse then. It's not a problem though when you can look around with TrackIR.
  18. Afaik the Vaicom disables the Jester wheel and radio menus because you control it via voice. It might be the option in the software though.
  19. Where you got that info from? Afaik the missile is lost to the WCS when already active. Only Sparrow can look for flood illumination as a last resort.
  20. That's bad and so the argument "any pilot seeing nails from an AMRAAM platform is going to take steps to mitigate risk of potential incoming missiles" does not hold.
  21. 1. Check your bindings - the flap handle on axis category. Also which flaps you mean? Maneuvering flaps (outer) or auxiliary flaps (inner)? The former can be used safely in flight but overspeeding the auxiliary flaps is very possible, there are no limiters that prevents that! http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/general.html#flaps-and-slats Also you do not touch the emergency wing sweep handle in flight unless... in emergency. 2. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/262020-repairs-are-incomplete/?do=getNewComment
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