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  1. When can we expect yours for the Tomcat?
  2. Both are carrier oriented, based in 90s Caucasus campaigns for the B. Cage the Bear is more combat oriented. Op. Reforger has more procedures, great voice overs and cool story. Both are fun.
  3. I say Tomcat is worth every penny. Luckily you can test it yourself for 2 weeks now.
  4. DCS settings look OK. Have you tried without the MFG software if the Windows game device test shows the same behavior? It would point to the hardware problem then. All axis should be independent. Otoh OP problem was solved by recalibration.
  5. Doesn't it work like that if not enforced by mission it should take local/user option instead?
  6. That's not true. No one wants to prevent new players joining. It's about playing with the same set of rules for everyone. And it's really not that big of a deal.
  7. @SpiffnZ Can you show some screenshots from axis control page and axis tune for toe brakes?
  8. If you want to discuss the mindset I can follow. I think it's part of the fun that one can get lost in the air. It's also fun and challenging that you can die or fail the mission, right? Do you care if your friends use invulnerability? Maybe they don't find it fun to crash or be taken down? The ask for the OP option is not taken out of nowhere or from some sick thought to just humiliate the newbs. It's part of the big set of rules that create sense for a study sim genre to exist and it's called realism. If you find post about removing some aids or against some "easy AAR" implementa
  9. I know and it doesn't matter. DCS title started with hifi modules and then added this simplified systems aircraft pack to liven up the World.
  10. Yet you act like you know what you're talking about and still think it's kind of easy. It's far from that both from development point as it is with license and documentation. DCS has high model standards and full fidelity study sim is not some arcade game where you just put different 3D model and change few parameters around. It takes years even if they have some part of the code modular and common. Your idea isn't the first one, we want all that aircraft in full fidelity, even devs want that but somehow it's not happening beside talks about modeling 29A. You think no one wants to simulat
  11. One just needs to log in and select modules to try out... but not all is available - no Syria.
  12. @M4ND4L0R3 SW COOL is for AIM-9. MSL PREP is for AIM-7 and 54. You turn both during fence in once in a flight. ACM is for BFM only. When you open the ACM cover you make all your Phoenixes to be active at the moment of shot and none of the TWS magic will work for them. Why would you instist on using TWS manual? Unless you're experienced RIO and know what you do you normally don't use it much if at all. There is no call outs for any sort of "soft locks" - no such thing. When you are in TWS mode and have Phoenix selected - you get target selected with shooting order number on the right,
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