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  1. or a zone trigger around the tanker's orbit, or at south... just something for those that play it more seriously, they see 3000lbs, so they want to hit the tanker before the long transfer, and when they're done with AAR, they want to actually fly south for some time, even that 5 minutes for the song, not forced to quit... thanks
  2. Mike, we get it, but let it not kick us out like that from the mission suddenly. I had an ending music on full when doing AAR (not funny), was hyped to go south at least half the sea, but then Bam! mission over. Why?
  3. Yes, they do, but about that consistency between modules... I mean all radars in different modules should be affected by ECM in some way* - but this should not be the same effect for all of them. I hope this is what you meant and we all agree upon that different systems have both different tech and power of their ECM. *maybe even some new radars/ECCM are so much modern or powerful over some old jamming types that should not be affected at all
  4. Was this Kuznetsov 2017 model? Do you have Supercarrier module enabled?
  5. Greetings and welcome! With the just released F-14A a few months ago and a Forrestal coming soon you'll feel right at home here https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/258-dcs-f-14a-amp-b/ not to mention the Viper which probably brought you back to sims again.
  6. IFLOLS overlay is wrong because it's calibrated for the Hornet currently.
  7. 40 years back in River Raid you had to fly right through the Fuel. Now in a flight sim we need a mile or so
  8. Here's a similar thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/222236-already-reporteddoes-the-su-33-randomly-take-damage-explode-on-stennis-deck It does raise a point. We have a sandbox here. So we want realistic simulation and equipment but we should be free in what we can do with that. Need I remind you of CVBGs in Black Sea, pretending Caucasus is Korea or flying Navy aircraft killing brothers in Red Flag?
  9. Why not make a roadmap features poll like it was done for F/A-18C and F-16?
  10. Nothing unusal - they are all different aircraft with different design philosophy behind. Don't forget the Tomcat is 2-crew so it depends on your RIO (and in case of Jester how skilled in using him you are). All that said I like some of the mentioned solutions for Russian birds but also appreciate the Tomcat's uncluttered HUD.
  11. You clearly have not yet tried any complex mission which can easily put any high-end PC on its knees. AI calculations are mostly CPU dependant and while Vulkan can improve things the multi-core support is more needed here. Try convoy or any moving target next time and targets with proper AA defences.
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