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  1. Indeed, I missed I was way off. Thanks again for the assist. Best wishes. AJ
  2. Yurgon, As promised, here are my findings. The TCAN and ILS, I overlooked the left console volume buttons....No excuses on my end, I dont know how or why I forgot about it... The Formation lights, for whatever reason now, they light up where as before they did not and the pinky switch was aft...Maybe an anomaly... IDK Thank you so much for your help and understanding.. Be well.. AJ
  3. Yurgon, Good morning. Sorry for the delay in response. Family obligations.... Negative on being able to hear either the TCAN or ILS morris code becons. Yes, both are tuned to the right freq.. Flying out of nellis... 12X for TCAN and 109.1 for ILS.. I will look into your trouble shooting recommendations for the intercom panel... I think thats where I might be getting hung up. I adjust the volume for both, TCAN and ILS using their volume controls... I think I overlooked the intercom volume..Doh....(insert hand to forehead slap here) HAHA I get my nav and strobe lights to work, pinky switch is in aft, but the night time formation lights is a no go... Thanks for the reply... I will respond with my findings reference the TCAN / ILS soon... Respectfully, AJ
  4. Good afternoon all.. I have recently noticed that the TCAN and ILS beacon codes, dont work like in other A/C.. Yes they are on the right channels and volume is up...Also, the slime lights on the bird dont appear to be working... Any recommendations for trouble shooting or is this a known bug? Thanks
  5. Hawg57

    Nellis Skins

    Good evening all. Does anyone know if the skins from the A-10C will work on the C II Tank killer? If not, is anyone aware of skins for Nellis coming down the pipeline? Thanks in advance. Resepctfully,
  6. I did all of the steps as mentioned.. No luck on getting rid of the bort numbers off the tail or intake...Any further solutions or should we wait for another update from DCS?
  7. Roger that.. That's kind of what I was thinking...No, I haven't used re shade yet... Is that what you recommend for updating the textures?
  8. Good day all. Does anyone know of a way to make the Thunderbirds hangar not looks so faded? Will there be any more updates to the NTTR map to possibly reflect this change?
  9. Has anyone experienced the multiple engine flames upon start up, 3-5 really quick upon start up? All procedures for start up are followed. With the Viper being EA, I wonder if this Is a glitch or operator error. The gauges do not fluctuate when this occurs. Thanks
  10. Sir, you nailed it. I read this post and then it clicked, I was too quick on the SPI trigger... Problem solved. Thank you ALL for your trouble shooting ideas. Be well!
  11. I always think pilot error first, but I am using both 3/9 and 5 mil Ive done everything that I have always done, but no matter what, I cant get the lines to align and when in 5 mil, the azmith line is no where near where my target is selected. Im going to trouble shoot some more, but at this point I am running out of ideas..everything worked fine the other day, I haven't changed a thing, but today for some reason, it just isn't working... Thanks for the reply !
  12. Good evening. I cant drop any weapons using CCRP. The lines are lined up, but the target itself is either off to the left or right and the weapons wont release. Addistionaly, If I stay lined up but left or right I can release a bomb, but obviously doesn't hit the target. I also, cant get my TPG and Mav to function as one. Could it be operatore error or is there a known bug? Thank you.
  13. Where can I find the newer version? Thank you.
  14. yup, same here...Im sure it will get fixed in the next update... Thanks for posting the fix though.. I am going to give that a shot as well..
  15. I will take a look. I haven't noticed anything like that in 2.5.4, but I may have over looked it. I will get back with you.
  16. @ 000rick000 Thanks bro. It WORKS!!! Sorry to pester you with this crap, but for the life of me I couldn't figure it out on my own. You da man.
  17. copy that rick I will look into that I appreciate the assist.
  18. https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=203175&d=1548547364
  19. Youre almost there. Mods such as aircraft will do in the MODS folder.but within that Mods folder you need to create a sub folder named aircraft for it to work properly.
  20. Snce the update to 2.5.4 beta, the A-10C has texture issues with its LCD screens. They have the missing texture digital cammo. Unsure how to fix this issue and the with the F-5, the pilot helmet, O2 mask and wheel struts go to the digital cammo OR are purple. Any help would be appreciated. But I am sure this will all be address when 5.4 goes to stable.
  21. IM sure this will all get worked out when 2.5.4 goes to stable. I have had texture issues with aircraft, inarticulacy the F-5. Some of the skins I downloaded from this site, caused the pilots helmet, visor and mask to go to that digital cammo. The same happened to the landing gear struts. On some of the skins, the above mentioned items turned purple. Apparently they reformatted everything to the DDS format. I couldn't get clarification on which file to change rename DDS... Since after going to 2.5.4 beta, the files appeared to be cloned. One colored file, then the other file was colored shaded of purple and green.
  22. Gotcha.. now im tracking correctly. that's for the assist. cheers!
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