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  1. I always post/search the forums before going into any uninstall process, I'll make sure to keep this post up for anyone in the future who may think it's a similar problem!
  2. Well that took me by surprise. Obviously didn't ship with this green feature as on release it didn't have it? Is there any way to change it or is that stock for now?
  3. Hiya gents/ladies, Any time I select the Mavericks or the camera on the nose of the aircraft I'm getting a green 'film' over the MPCD rendering it useless as it makes any detail really hard to see on the camera without moving absurdly close. I am happy to provide more images if needed, in the link provided is a screenshot of the MPCD displaying the forward looking camera: https://imgur.com/t1oVqSt
  4. Getting a playback error. Isn't viewable for me
  5. T.Eason


    Definitely something they need to do! Would be so cool to be able to do walk arounds before flight.
  6. Trying to get my hands on the drawings also.
  7. T.Eason


    So I watched the AI fly this beauty and as he went back, landed, and shutdown, he just hopped out without ejecting, what is this key bind and how can I do it? Thanks!
  8. Cracking. Is this the same as In the real aircraft or a bug/work around? thanks!
  9. Outstanding. Looking forward to the next.
  10. +1, Thanks Razbam
  11. Ah I see...never knew that. So not a bug just not technically possible to have more than 2 types of weapon systems loaded on the wing stores?
  12. Weird bug here gents. When installing MK82's on the most outer station, the STRS page doesnt detect/pick up the mavericks and instead replaces that area with a different type of MK82. Excuse my poor drawing skills but i've circled what I mean. Picture of the store page(No option to select Mavericks): https://imgur.com/a/8LBeY Picture of the external stores: https://imgur.com/a/1E0tS Anyone else getting this? Thanks!
  13. Hey guys - Just wondering if anyone has any lineup tips for refuelling with the KC-120 in the new Harrier? There's a video of a guy showing some pointers to get the plugin lined up correctly, but the aircraft he's refuelling with isn't a KC-130 that ships with the AV-8B. (as seen here) - If there's any pictures or videos with visual tips or anything along those lines please post them here!
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