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  1. Falling through the runway as well I dont have the A-4 and it happens to me on SP MP if I host or join. Hopefully they will fix this soon.
  2. Is there a way to set the AI Tanker speed to Airspeed VS Ground speed? If not the tanker should at least report their airspeed when you request refueling.
  3. I have lost all of my USA templates that were included. Can someone please tell me where to reload them from. I cannot find them in any open beta or stable folder.
  4. the explosion issue was due to coming in too flat. once I increased my decent angle no issues
  5. thank you for all of your help with my issues
  6. Thank you for the suggestions Engine shutdown and open canopy worked for rearm Parking on carrier instead of cat worked Still cannot talk to tower for takeoff or for carrier landing Still explode as soon as wheels touch carrier deck - no issues on land bases in ATC window i get the following [N/A] CVN-74 .....
  7. thank you for the reply yes takeoff and landing on airbase no issue - when I contact the Stenis they will not respond inbound. I will try the canopy trick - I shut engines down I will also move planes to parking to see if that fixes the issues THANK YOU !!!!!!!! Great plane !!!!!
  8. here is the log - the planes now load BUT DCS will crash if I start on the carrier. if I land on the carrier I explode as soon as wheels touch and I cannot rearm at any Allied base. dcs.log-20190204-000348.zip dcs.log-20190204-005502.zip
  9. I noticed it happens when I try to set up 2 planes for multiplayer. One plane loads and the other locks their DCS up.
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