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  1. mobua

    F-16 IFF

    Hi Frederf and thanks for your insight. Do you by any chance see what the connection AIFF would have with JHMCS or is it just me being led down a rabbit hole by a poor framing of the sentence by ED? Referring to: "Integration of the JHMCS with the HARM Targeting System (HTS), Link 16, and AIFF".
  2. mobua

    F-16 IFF

    @BIGNEWY , @NineLine . A penny for your thoughts?
  3. mobua

    F-16 IFF

    Very intresting indeed. All things considered I'm expecting that the correlation as presented on the FCR/HMD via MIDS should be on par with what we're seeing in the Hornet. One could also wager than ownship IFF (i.e non correlated tracks) would not be visble on the JHMCS. At this point its just alot of conjecture, I do wish ED would step in and clarify or change the phrasing in the thread for planned systems so us not to lead as astray. Sincerely mobua
  4. mobua

    F-16 IFF

    Not to beat a dead horse but in EDs own thread for planned systems it states: "Integration of the JHMCS with the HARM Targeting System (HTS), Link 16, and AIFF". Is it possible that the JHMCS as a system bypasses the FCR display in regards to Mode 5 IFF? Assuming this to be true we should via our HMD be seeing symbology for friend or foe... yes? Sincerely mobua
  5. mobua

    F-16 IFF

    Thanks Kengou for the clarification, this however leads me deeper down the rabbit hole. Im curious as to why ED would list AIFF on the Viper road map if it has no discernable implication or tactical function, what's your take on that? Also do you know what AIFF stands for when it comes to the Viper? I always assumed it meant Automatic IFF. Edit: Advanced IFF Here's hoping that ED or any SME can shed some light on the subject. Sincerely mobua
  6. mobua

    F-16 IFF

    Thanks, well that answers that. Do you by any chance have some insight into what AIFF entails in regards to the Viper? Sincerely mobua
  7. Hi, the updated IFF features for the Hornet had me hopeful for what was to come for our beloved VIper. Then I saw one of Big Newys replies stating no auto IFF on the Viper. Ok, fair enough. I do however remember seeing AIFF in a list of Viper features. Could someone please expand on what AIFF brings in the Viper? Is IFF symbology overlayed on the HUD a reasonable expectation or are we forever resigned to Mk II eyeballs and looking down on the FCR ? Sincerely mobua
  8. Thanks for clarifying, I'll stay off the mavs a while longer then until its sorted out.
  9. Hi, With the latest patch I'm having an issue where the waypoints are not correlated between the ESHI and HSD. HSD is displaying the correct waypoints whereas the EHSI/EEGS is showing me a waypoint 109000 NM away. Would appreciate some corroboration to rule out error on my part before I post a trackfile.
  10. Just had to chime in. To me this is clear as day that history is repeating itself. Much of the the complaints I see in regards to the Harrier and the (mal)practices of Razbam was brought to light by the M-2000C community prior to this (IIRC already 2 years ago). To be honest I believe that at some point ED should really begin to consider their partnerships beyond the short term monetary gains, moving from a tactical to strategic perspective. Is this really a partner will contribute to the long term success of the ED/Fighter Collection brand? When ED is having to direct man hour
  11. Can't thank you enough shu, its really astonishing how this isn't a standard with the maps we are given. Much thanks to people like you we can run proper ground procedures and ad hoc recoveries. Again thanks! By the way, I'm using Kneeboard builder and I'm not able to get the Kneeboards to show up in game when i place the .png files in the terrain folder. Aside from importing the files to each module, do you know if the Syria map has a new directory for kneeboard files? Sincerely mobua
  12. i believe b006.9 indicates the slant range. might be wrong though..
  13. Great job on the push and strides you guys are making on the viper.. really stoked for tomorrow's OB patch.. I'm curious if there is any update to be had in regards to the ACM Auto acquisition for the bore and vertical modes ? Kindly mobua
  14. any news on chaff and flare dispensers not being rearmable?
  15. would like to add to the low hanging fruit plea.. would very much like to the see the missle step function being completed. AFAIK we can only step stations within the weapon selection, missing the long press to switch missle in A-A mode..'
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