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  1. Hi Romico, sorry for delayed reply, I needed 4 things to be interested in continuing with DCS. 1) removal of virtual cockpit canopy 2) gun sight reticle to be in center of screen for P51-D 3) Flight Illusion gauges to com 4) Normandy map to be fantastic Could not accomplish any of these so kinda gave up and went back to IL2 1946 where all these things are happening!!!! If you where able to accomplish the FI gauge com hurdle that would peak my interest though. Either way would be more than happy to share any cockpit building information you with. Not so sure about the conta
  2. So this Lua file points the way?
  3. :poster_oops: my note pad has always been default to pull up text, when I installed the "view file plus" for Lua it must have taken over as default so sdef files would not open. I never heard of sdef file so I figured it was some kinda weirdo special type file. ok ...fantastic!
  4. Thanks, Am wanting to change the P-51D inside cockpit sounds, engine, flaps, gear etc. I have broken down kermits P-51C sound into wav files and did a good job using them in IL2-1946 and Prepar3D, would like to do the same in DCS. The default sound is not good at all. If I just replace existing wav files with mine, is still not good so am thinking it must be the sdef files porking the wav files. atleast that is what I am hoping is the problem. I tried Diveplane's mod https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=144277 it was a big improvement, but using it I lost my flaps and gear sound.
  5. more info Looks like the main game P-51D texture files folder path is ..... DCS World\Bazar\World\Textures I edited\cut out a portion of the cockpit texture their from "P51D_DIF_Cockpit" file and re-zipped. Then flight would not execute, it went to another (default) plane. :helpsmilie:
  6. Excelent... Best DCS mod I have seen so far! By far! Thanks Peter! :thumbup: Hard to believe DCS does not hard code it, should not have had to have been a mod!
  7. WNC

    Normandy map

    Sound like good advice, will do, thanks for reply
  8. thank you! was fixated with looking for Prop Pitch. Also could not find mixture axis, maybe cause the P51 has 3 settings for it cut off/run/rich I think.
  9. After normandy (2.0) fresh install I get constant stutters and occasional crashes. Even with low settings. My specs Intel i7-4790 3.6 GHZ 8 CPU 8192 Ram Direct x11 Geforce GTX 970 4095MB 3x1 Benq projectors HT1085ST running game @ 5760x1080 DCS world (1) runs good.
  10. What is the deal with the P-51D prop pitch lever? I don't see any axis in the GUI control to use it with hardware :mad:
  11. I was under the impression by reading up before purchasing DCS, it was a mod friendly flight simulation. In IL-2 1946 modding sound was pretty straight forward, there were "*.WAV" files in a "SAMPLE" folder and there were "*.PRS" files in a "PRESETS" folder that would tell the "*.WAV" files what to do. In DCS there are "*.WAV" files but have no clue what tells them what to do? :helpsmilie:
  12. I need to mod my P-51D cockpit by removing the canopy so it is a basically a convertible! Reason,,,, I have a home made physical cockpit with a physical canopy so it looks like %$#& to see a 2nd canopy on my monitor! Don't want to use the arcade view because it removes the Prop spinning which takes away from immersion!!!!! Someone did a mod on an IL2 F4U corsair for me years ago so I know it can be done! Just don't know how to reach the person to ask him how he did it, it's been so long ago. He basically removed/erased the portion of the bmp texures to make them go away. I know ho
  13. Peta Problem with forums is you have to search and read through ten times as much as you want to find what it is you are looking for. I found a post by "Peta" that address the problem and he has come up with a solution that works well. I seem to have lost the link now , could have sworn I saved it some where. Here is the mod that worked for zooming out further in cockpit..... Path... User"name"\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Config\View\ Here are the Lua files I placed there..... Server.lua Snapview.lua View.lua Will add the post link for downloading if I can find it
  14. Off the top of my head,,,, Materials.... 1 pcs 12"x 24"x 1/8" aluminum (cut into 6 pcs, see pic for size) ($50.00) 1 pcs 1/8"x 1"x 4' aluminum (cut and shape into 3 levers) (about $5.00) 1 pcs large lever knob (about $5.00 w/shipping) 2 pcs medium round knobs (about $8.00 w/shipping) 2 Pcs 3/16"x 6" bolts ($2) 1 Pcs 3/16"x 4" bolts ($1) 10 pcs 3/16" washers ($1) 10 pcs 3/16" nuts ($1) 2 pcs 3/16" wing nuts (?) 3 pcs 3/16" ID x 1/4" spacers (?) 14 pcs 1/2" wide rubber spacers (about $10) 3 pcs leo Bodnar potentiometers ($18.30) 3 pcs leo Bodnar potentiometers 3 pen connector
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