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  1. very disappointing... I suspected something like this https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3938298&postcount=20 but didn't really want to believe it... feel kind of sorry for them now, hope they get their stuff together and make some actual progress. Meanwhile I'll fly something else :(
  2. After the update still crashes in the first mission with the choppers, if using radar
  3. Well, if the VR perf improvement is actually in, it's funny how they are not saying anything... It's like they are trying an experiment, and we are the guinea pigs :) ... or maybe they just don't know, which would be even more hilarious :D
  4. It's just iron wire inside a rubber sheath, you can bend it easily even with your fingers. Small pliers however can be useful.
  5. for sound I used the KSC75 earbuds with a little modification, like this guy is showing here. Works pretty well and costs around 20 euro. https://imgur.com/gallery/V7zKoN9
  6. hey this is actually a great suggestion. Tried using it without faceplate and it's really more comfortable, thx
  7. Interesting observation; it's the same for me. Overall very happy after the upgrade from CV1
  8. Exorcist 180 degrees snap view... you can try this It works in another sim with SteamVR, however it didn't work for me in DCS, even when launching it in SteamVR mode.
  9. a fan blowing on your face is an essential add-on for VR
  10. I hope not. That kind of "career" is simply a succession of automatically generated, unconnected, and equally boring missions, where your actions have no consequences in the game "world". Really nothing dynamic about it. I hope for a true dynamic campaign, Falcon 4 style.
  11. Nope, got crashes after killing choppers of both groups. Latest crash was right when switching to guns. Really hope this can be solved.
  12. I also wish DCS allowed a 6 o'clock snap view. I use a swivel chair, but my warthog is center mounted, so it's not a great help...
  13. The online prop sim you refer to is probably Aces High; I find their VR implementation very good. Unfortunately in DCS you can save a custom snapview, but in VR only the position of the head will be saved, not its rotation. Therefore no custom snapview will allow you to check six. Using Steam VR Advanced Settings I have been able to find a way to have a "Linda Blair" snapview in another VR flight sim (see this thread for full explanation). Since it depends on a SteamVR setting it should work also in DCS, but for some reason I was not able to make it work. Give it a try, you
  14. Lol, the "sim community" is not even a small blip on HP radar... The Reverb is squaredly addressed to the business user, SteamVR compatibility is just an added bonus deriving from WMR compatibility... I wonder if the HP people involved in this project have ever even heard of such a thing as "the sim community" :lol:
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