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  1. Thanks for the tip! It will be interesting to see what happens when I run the same scenario again.
  2. This makes me feel a bit better, I was starting to think I was crazy with how the radar is loosing tracks / locks. I have a test mission I fly with the F/A-18 and the F-14, yesterday I was in the Hornet over Syria roughly 20,000 feet, my Datalink started showing the pair of MiG-23s at around 60 miles (they scramble out of An Nasiriyah). In RWS after adjusting the elevation I picked them up around 45 miles, 20 degrees to the right, and switched to TWS I then spent from 40 miles to 17 trying to get a L&S and DT2 to stay, the radar would almost as soon as I designate loose one track or the other. I finally got both designated at around 15 miles, fired my Aim-120Cs only to have both tracks drop and the missiles sail off to the last know location. I'm no expert so maybe this is correct in a look-down scenario, it just doesn't seem right. I agree with CommandT, my struggles with the Hornets AA Radar is why I normally fly the F-14A instead.
  3. I know Heatblur is hard at work on Jester lantirn and other Jester upgrades, and I was thinking one of the biggest difficulties with Jester is not being able to converse with him like an actually Pilot and RIO would. So, I was wondering if some of that could be solved by a "Jester Slew" command which would work similar to TDC slew in other aircraft but in the Tomcat could fill in for the missing verbal communicates actually humans would have. For example Jester Slew left could tell Jester to move the HCU to the left with half action pressed, or move the Lantirn pod left depending on how the aircraft is currently configured. I know this is hugely over simplified, but since many of us never get to fly this wonderful aircraft with a Human RIO, it could be a small way to fill in some of the difficulties in communicating with AI.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the quick answer!
  5. I know the F-4E Phantom II is in development but on hold by Belsimtek/ED. My question is since they are making a USAF version would licensing agreements preclude another developer from making a Navy/Marine/RN version.
  6. There is just something about the Tomcat. My logical brain knows the F/A-18 it’s more flexible, more forgiving with the FBW, more modern, and has a weapon for every job (JDAM, JSOW, HARM, AIM-120, etc), and yet I struggle to put it down on the carrier, end up fighting the radar, and just don’t feel connected to the aircraft. The Tomcat on the other hand feels alive, yes I can’t run the targeting pod alone, A2G weapons are types are limited, and the accuracy is only ok, it shakes and gets roll reversal at high AOA. But I’d rather fly it any day, I find it much easier to land on the carrier, and you truly feel like you’re part of the whole weapon system. I think the better question is if you have Tomcat would you buy the Hornet, and for me the answer is probably not. I should probably clarify that I’m not picking on the Hornet, it’s a great module and capable of killing almost any type of target you can imagine, I just find the Tomcat a more rewarding and enjoyable plane to fly.
  7. I haven’t tried offsets, but it seems like all the sudden I can’t manually create waypoints.
  8. I also had the same problem at Anapa, the ground crew doesn't respond at all. I haven't tried Novorossiysk yet
  9. So first off I want to say a huge Thank You to ED for the free weekend! I loved being able to try not only the F/A-18 but also the PG map. I have a few quick thought on the Hornet coming from mostly flying the AV-8B and the M2000C. The Hornet is so very logical in the way things function and the layout of the cockpit. WOW, can it carry a ton of ordinance, flying out to the "target range" with 6 Aim-120C, 2 Aim-7MH, & a pair of Aim-9Xs is quite different than the Mirage with only 4 missiles. Now for a few questions, ever once in a while with the radar in RWS the beam stops/freezes on the left side of the radar scope and then starts again on its own? The Aim-120C seems to be not that great, let me explain. My target range mission has a pair of clean SU-17m4 flying a racetrack pattern at 25,000 about 80 miles north of my starting airbase. I get them on radar at about 50 miles and lock up one of them. I wait until I'm well inside the "No Escape Range" normally about 13-15 miles and shoot. I'd say I have a close to 70% miss rate, using the Aim-7MH I'm getting a slightly longer engagement range and something closer to a 30-40% miss rate which seems wrong to me. Flying the same mission with the Mirage the engagement range is shorter with the S530D (about 9 miles) but over 4 missiles fired (over 2 flights) one missed the rest hit but did not kill which seems strange, the Aim-120Cs that hit where all kills and it only has a 40 pound warhead where the S530d seems to be 66 pounds. Is there something I'm doing wrong with the AMRAAM? None of this is meant as a complaint more of a what am I doing wrong. Now I have to make a really hard decision, do I buy the bundle or wait and see what happens with the Tomcat on the 7th.
  10. I also have the missing textures, but more interestingly, I did notice that on 2.5 Stable I can change pages, but on 2.5.1 Beta I can't change pages on the kneeboard. On a positive note the the load times and frame rates are much better on 2.5.1. Update: I went back to the Viggen, and built a new mission and sure enough the pages changing, so I'm guessing I just had a glitch.
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