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  1. I heard the legend, because most people are right handed if you pass on the left on your horse it’s easier to draw your sword than if you pass on the right. It’s only like urban legend
  2. Hi what’s RADAR terrain layer? Sorry for being a little dumb
  3. I have exactly the same problem, it’s so bad on deck that I cannot spawn any ai on the carrier with me because they either crash into me or themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s part of my flight or a separate group. I also can’t choose where I spawn my aircraft on deck to minimise this situation. I always spawn next to cat 1 and AI (whether wingman or individual) crashes into me. The only way to launch is to start the mission on the catapult. They also do it on land. I tried to take off from land with my wingman and he crashes into me while taxiing, it’s like he is trying to beat me to
  4. I don’t have them enabled anyway they distract me a lot, I might enable them for a little eye candy while I’m sat on the ramp but apart from that I don’t use them
  5. I had performance problems with the takeoff mission the FPS dropped down to 45 from solid 60 as I was taxiing past the aircraft on the flight line, some where tomcat and some where bugs. Although I’ve loaded up a single player mission with 4 wingmen and had no trouble I’ve got a 1080ti i7 6700 32 gb ram
  6. Is anyone having trouble opening the link to the pdf ? it loads 90% then stops
  7. Is there any information from Razbam regarding this issue ? Honestly I don’t think it’s normal
  8. I was going to write a post that said exactly this, it feels like the aircraft is fly by wire but also at the same time has no drag.
  9. I thought it could that but I’ve not had that in any aircraft in dcs, I pulled into level flight and the speed held at 800 km/ч it wouldn’t slow down unless I deployed air brakes. I’ll make a track this evening and add it to this post
  10. I’m not sure if it’s real behaviour or I was doing something wrong but I couldn’t get the engine RPM to drop below 10000 rpm it would only drop when I fiddled with the afterburner on off and the military power one. To add I was in a dive as I was approaching an airfield. I’ve only flown the plane once so maybe it was user error I kind of “winged” the start up
  11. Why not just state 21st March. The first day of spring is 1st March so no it won’t be released this winter anyway, pedantic I know but people keep repeating “this winter” we have about a week and a half of winter remaining. If they are taking the weather into consideration instead then god help people in Australia they will only get theirs in autumn time. I’m not holding much hope out for a 21st release either ED and third party devs are usually pretty late with all their modules, I suppose that’s why they don’t generally state dates. This is the only time I’ve paid up front for a rele
  12. Me also, I'm a little annoyed with myself for pre purchasing I usually wait a few weeks after "release" to see what the bugs are and to get a sense of whether its worth buying into the early access. I think to cover themselves ED should at least restrict EA software so it can only be purchased on release date, and not pre purchase. Maybe that or start to communicate more with the people who have paid to a better standard the reasons why the software was delayed. Its all well and good delaying a release for something that isn't pre paid but if its been paid for then there will be bad feelin
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