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  1. 2D... Just stays in window mode for whatever reason.
  2. How are you going to say then when I have the problem? ^^^:megalol: Anyway, It just happened after an update a while back. I guessing and hoping it's on my end but I've messed with some settings and I did a complete reinstall as well. Not a big deal really.
  3. In order to enter full screen while running DCS, this box needs to be checked. This started around a year ago, and I just thought I'd uncheck it once and it still does not allow me to enter full screen. Not aware that this has been brought up before, and it effects performance, so that's why I'm posting it here. Thanks for any solutions.
  4. I had the drag chute binded to two buttons and I was hitting one of them during flight. This thread can be deleted now.
  5. What the title states, tried it multiple times. Made sure key is binded and throttle was at idle.
  6. I thought I noticed that as well. Randomly happens in flight and, noticeable during landings.
  7. Nice, that's awesome. Can't wait to try it out.
  8. "G-Warmup is actually modelled in DCS. Without it the pilot starts to blackout at some 6Gs, and with it at 7.7Gs. Extremely useful when it comes to ACM or even BVR missile evasion. To achieve, just pull Gs for a dozen or two seconds." Is this true? Seen that comment on Hoggit pertaining to the vid from Mover and Wags flight.
  9. Everyone here is going to tell you read the mission editor manual. Best way to learn everything fast is to youtube search what you want to do.
  10. Thank you, this worked. :thumbup::thumbup: I tried new gpu drivers, reinstalling DCS, multiple NVCP display options with no luck.
  11. I updated to 1809 when it released and couldn't play DCS in full screen since, so I went back to an earlier version, 1803 I believe. Well I updated once again to 1809 today and have the same problem. ALT+ENTER does not work. FN+F11 does work but then the keyboard locks. Anyone else have this issue?
  12. I believe its mission 3, where you have to escort the SU-25's. I completed this mission multiple times and it never advances the campaign. The last time this occurred was today with a "successful completion" message and no downed SU-25's. I RTB and quit the mission and then ended the mission and the campaign does to advance. Any input would be helpful. Thanks.
  13. Yes it is. Beta build is beautiful even on Normandy. Multiplayer will have the typical loading pauses when others are connecting and what not yet. Single player is pretty flawless. I was very critical on the stuttering in the past, because it was very immersion breaking. I was surprised as hell with the latest beta build.
  14. In the recent 2.5.4 beta build I can only search on my C: drive for key bindings, I have all my maps on my E: drive. Stable build seems to be fine, I can search every drive. Also, in 2.5.4 beta I edited the "maxfps" in notepad to 60fps but doesn't appear to have an affect in game. Stable build is fine. Other than that very impressed with the performance on the 2.5.4 beta build, well done!
  15. I've felt the same way as you franx since I got into DCS, did everything from tweaking bios settings to nv control panel, to in game settings, to process lasso with absolutely no improvement. HOWEVER, I seen someone's post regarding the current beta build 2.5.4 maxing out 2 cores on the cpu. Learning that I quick updated the beta and jumped in thinking we'll just give this a try not expecting any change. To my surprise, not one noticeable stutter during a quick action mission. Check it out, and let me know what you think.
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