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  1. I would like to know as well. Want to purchase, but the futures a bit clouded, waiting for reviews and in stock before forking over the big bucks.
  2. Heyo VKB yah gonna make an F18 grip? There’s a gap in the market that needs to be filled. ; ) Is there gonna be more stock for us that didn’t preorder and just want to order one post production?
  3. First company to make an F18 stick gets my money, and probably everyone elses. Looking at you VKB and Virpil ! Hard to believe there is no f18 hotas available for us to purchase.
  4. When browsing your store site it doesn't come up along with other products. Only found it because it came up by chance in a google search. Makes it appear to be a link to a product no longer for sale if you catch my drift.
  5. Andre, is this one still for sale? I absolutely need this version because I am only seeking this seat type for my ejection seat I'm building. Gametrix JetSeat SE (flight Sim Edition mod) https://andres.shop/jetseat/24-jetseat-sim-edition.html
  6. Sure hope this works to launch DCS in VR from Steam. :smilewink:
  7. I don't own a CV1 but I have used it and I would say the improvement is significant and I expect cockpit displays and hud clarity to benefit from the 1.7x pixel increase. Besides better visuals, it is very comfortable and I forget its even on. The sound quality is great (coming from someone with Hifiman phones, Lyr 2 and multi-bit dacs). The tracking is flawless and spot on, the Halo demo was a good at displaying the accuracy, it feels one to one with your movements and wielding the dual smg's felt like they were actually in your hands, blown away by this. Walking and movement was per
  8. Got my Samsung Odyssey HMD in, hoolyyy balls it's impressive!! Can't wait for support!!
  9. So long as someone gets it working! Can't wait, won't spend that mula until its ready though.
  10. I ordered a Samsung Odyssey and it shipped in the mail to me. Now waiting for Eagle Dynamics to release support for it and microsoft mr hmd's before I purchase some DCS aircraft. :pilotfly:
  11. Samsung Odyssey IP inbound, waiting for the winter call from ED to purchase a few of their study sims! :pilotfly:
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