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  1. +1 and on top of that i am able today to understand " till and fran" ^^
  2. It's me or vehicules seem to be more blast sensitive after the 2.7 patch? Or bombs more powerfull? I did some test and yes no blast radius ( 2+ trucks are "alive") BUT more trucks are hit....
  3. Thx Machalot, same result here
  4. I mean "blast radius": no concern for fortified targets... I do not compare MK82 and M71, both suffer the same issue: DCS is not modeling fragments and shrapnell coming out of bomb = no proper blast radius. So now you put 16 simple trucks on a runway, rather grouped, no lined up. No armored vehicules, just simple trucks for transport. You do your fast pass with the Viggen and drop your 16 M71: do you believe that each M71 went directly on a truck and destroyed it?...No. Some trucks remained undamaged = cause is they is no blast radius and it's a pity really. Same with Mk82 and a
  5. Yes, but what is the point if both Mh82 and M71 are ineffective against multiples targets? The blast radius is non existant and it induces direct hits from this "old" bombs to be effectives. It's a pity for a plane like the Viggen and 100nm navigation @ tree top level. Just my thoughts
  6. you misunderstood me and I misspoke. I do not compare the weapons between them but the fact that the direct damage benefits certain bombs( JDAM for ex). I just say it's hard to do a max damage in Viggen in one pass over a max targets because DCS is not modeling fragments and shrapnell coming out of bomb . It's a big disadvantage for the Viggen compare to an F16/18 which can drop a JDAM's 20nm away from the same targets, and this JDAM's will damage all targets... The Viggen is my favorite module, i love it, that's the reason why i write "here".
  7. Hi, In DCS nowadays, a bomb must hit the objective to destroy it or even incapacitate it. When a bomb hits next to a truck, it doesn't even move It's very frustrating... this problem has been around for years. As much as this problem does not impact aircraft equipped with guided bombs, for the Viggen it is a handicap. if this issue were fixed, the Viggen would shine even more in combat zones. I assume that this code is ED's property but it would be nice if the M71s got even more terrible: 16 x M71 that hit, it must be windy ^^ Thx for
  8. +1 The Viggen is my fav module and i've found that it's impossible to destroy targets such as FARP's command centers. BGU31 and 10 can...But the Viggen doesn't have suche a weapon. I tried with RB05 ( M71 are ineffective , Arak too...) and nothing, not a scratch... This simple fact reduces the possible missions...Very very frustrating
  9. Hello, would it be possible to save the flares and chaff program as it is done in the DTC? Nowadays it takes too much time to enter the right program via ICP every fly Thx
  10. Yes Mike but it's only for Russians jet and for the JF17....I'd like to have BAP for the Mirage and Durandal for F16. Thx Bignewy, my toughts were for the Mirage especially. But i know that others would like to have this kind of bomb for the F16. I really miss this kind of mission, specially in multi.
  11. Hi, we are soon in 2021 and there is still no anti-runway bombs in DCS... ED provides a huge amount of different weapons for a large panel of missions but no anti-runway penetration bombs like the BLU107 or French BAP. Different weapons can fulfill the same mission (like a redundancy) but still no anti runway mission... Anti-runway missions, deep behind ennemy lines are rewarding and interesting ( i'd like to do some with the Mirage. Unfortunatly the mighty Viggen doesn't have such a dedicated weapon). So my question is: Is it planned to provide us an anti-runway p
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