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  1. Hello to all. I am here again. Do you know if the sidearm has some problem after the last update? Because I am not able to have a good lock. And, more, clicking on the trigger for AIM 9/sidearm /gun the missile doesn't shoot.. I have a lock only with the first one and the first time that I activate it. After it doesn't lock. I know that in the past there was a bug that after the first shot you had to deactivate and then reactivate again the AGM 122 in order to achieve another lock. But now it seems that this system doesn't work. Any suggestion? Thanks to all.
  2. Ah...oh...I am not alone...so, as usual...thank you very much for your quick answer. Bye
  3. Hello to all. I am sorry if I bore you continuing to write and ask some help but I 've noticed that after the last upgrade in DCS World 2.5.1. openbeta is desappeared the sound of the gun in the AV8B. Someone of you noticed this or it's only a problem of my pc? Because I tried both with a new file mission and with an old one, but the GAU 12 is without noise. On the countrary, using the A10C in the same missions it works and sounds good.... so, it seems that is a problem of the Harrier. Another thing, in the same missions,after the update, the Jtac don't work fine because after "ready to copy
  4. Hello . I tried again and I think that it has been my mistake. A conseguence of what you told, the baro altitude, I was some 1600 feet less (the sa 13 was at 1650 ft ...flat terrain but still hight) of what I assumed to be and. more, I was relaxed because I was thinking that I was with radar altitute but actually after 5000 ft it's baro altitude... I tried again watching carefully and the sa 13 launches the strela missile when I am at 4500 mt and more... near to 5000 mt... so...that's was the reason.... no bug. Thank you and sorry. Bye
  5. It works also starting the plane from the cold?... Did you try this ? Bye
  6. . Thank you very much for the quick answer... for what I remember I was in Nevada map and the terrein under my plane was flat. I usually always select radar altimeter and not the barometric one...in order to avoid what actually happened... but maybe....I did a mistake and I forgot to activate the radar altimeter...I played during the night as soon as the download was complete ...today I ll try again...and I ll tell you... I hope it's not a bug. I prefer to do a mistake...bye
  7. Thank you very much. Watching the video seems rather simple...probably yesterday I played at night and I was tired....I ll try as soon as possible like you suggested me. Thank you again Bye
  8. Hello to all. Someone of you tried to play with the new updated DCS World 2.5.1.? I tried yesterday but I was not very happy. The relly good thing is that now the water is moving, if you watch it from the harrier's cockpit on the Tarawa's deck. Very Very nice.... but I was also hoping to see a moving map like in the A10C. Actually I tried in many ways both in Caucasus and in Nevada map but there is no moving map. Maybe I do something wrong ? How is it possibile to see the map from the EHSD? And another thing....I ve been shot down when I was at 18000 ft by a Sa 13 gopher !! This thing never
  9. . Ok thanks for the quick answer....but by the way it's terrible...it' s not possible to see anything.... :(
  10. hello to all... I have a question.... someone of you noticed the "vapor" that result when with the harrier you try a vertical landing in DCS 2.5? Yesterday I was trying a vertical landing and everything was going correctly till when I was near to the groud and the farp. At this point the vapor from the engines surrounded the plane and I was unable to see anything from the cokpit. Of course my landing wasn't good....for not to say that I broke completely the plane. Maybe because I was playing with bad weather conditions (rain ) ? Or because I was using water to col down the engines and for this
  11. . Beautiful. I saw a great result in your video... I 'll try again so... :)
  12. Hello. yes, you are right for what concern the Mk 20...they are not very powerful . Maybe a problem of Dcs, like you told, maybe not at 100 %. The rockeyes aren't CBU 97 or 105. Anyway I found them better now after the relaese of DCS 2.5, but they are not able to take out a BMP1 with a single shot. Better are the Zunis in my opinion. If you are able to aim them correctly, they are very powerful. And using the abiity of the harrier to fly normally in the night, without to be spotted by not modern forces, it's possible to fly very near to the target and shoot with precision. Once, with my surpr
  13. Ok... I ll wait...a long time.... there is anything else to do....if not to wait... Bye
  14. Actually they don't give us nor what they promised in the advertisment...like AGM 65 E (laser Mav) and GBU 38 GBU 54 jdam...and also a well working litening...where it's possible to choose point tracking also when you start the plane from the cold....it would be enought if they'd give us what there is written in the web site substantially... now we are in april... :noexpression: Bye
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