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  1. LOL! I noticed that right away and thought "WTF, why are all the switches in different positions"? I'm really not complaining, however, since the effort that has gone into A-10C II has shown ED's dedication to the Hawg without trashing v1.0. I am truly grateful!
  2. Ok, see that they moved the Mav button over to the left MFD. I assume this is due in part to the A-10C II cockpit upgrade. I had hoped it wouldn't affect the original. What other surprises await?! Cheers!
  3. As the title says after this last DCS update the MAV page is unavailable in the MFD. It's simply not listed. TGP, CDU, STAT & MSG are there but NO Mav! I tried a DCS repair but no joy. The problem exists for instant action, missions and campaigns. Forum and Google searches haven't listed anything so am I unique? Any guidance is appreciated.
  4. The first attachment is from a recent A-10C II video on YouTube. The second attachment is a screenshot from my PC. Close inspection reveals little difference. I'm suspecting that my perception of higher resolution on recent YouTube videos has more to do with wearing progressive lenses than with resolution differences. YouTube videos force a lense wearer to adjust head angle for optimum focus. In game, however, the head angle is constantly shifting, hence slight blurring when the angle is not optimal. Many thanks to all who replied and inspired me to make an apples to apples check.
  5. Bossco, I agree that I cannot expect to see the same sharpness in game as a higher res monitor. However, my question is why do I see sharper cockpit detail in some YouTube DCS videos than in game? I would expect the YouTube videos to look no better than my in game experience. It's as if I am getting 1440p detail on a 1080p screen. Unexpected and maybe unsolvable. Thanks for the reply. It is appreciated.
  6. I currently use a Samsung 32 inch LCD TV as my monitor (1920 X 1080) and it has worked well for a couple of years now with DCS. I notice, however, that certain YouTube videos on DCS A-10C show significantly sharper detail than I see in game. My question is: If I see higher resolution in YouTube than in game how is this possible? Is there an in game setting that is integral to optimizing resolution? My system specs are: Intel I7-8700K Windows 10 Pro 64 (48GB RAM) Nvidia GTX-1080 (8GB VRAM) It seems logical that the resolution I see in YouTube should be achievable in game. Any i
  7. Sorry for the late reply. No, I could never get the AI to assist and there are too many targets (well obstructed too) for my single aircraft. I hope you had better luck than me!
  8. Deleted shader cache and it improved NVGs enough to complete the mission. Thanks Squid and Puma for your assistance.
  9. Disabling the mod was unsuccessful so I will try deleting the shader cache next.
  10. Hey Squid, Yes, I have adjusted the NVG gain down as far as possible but no joy. I watched your video out of curiosity and the lightning strikes are clear and not blurred and overly bright blobs like I see. Since you are seeing what others have posted on YouTube videos it has to be my setup. Thinking about it and realizing that the gain adjustment is all I can change in game, I remembered that I installed "Tacca's DCS 2.5 NVG Mod" awhile back and this may be what is causing the issue. I will uninstall it and report back. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond in such detail!
  11. I'm trying to complete mission 4 in Stone Shield (night time mission providing CAS to Spec Ops troops). The Spec Ops come under attack at one point after picking up a high value target. They call for support and when I roll in with NVGs enabled, the glare from the enemy tracers is blinding and makes accurate gun targeting impossible. I have lowered the NVG brightness to the absolute minimum but to no effect. The glare remains insurmountable. Is there a DCS setting that I am missing because I have seen YouTube videos of this mission and the glare problem is pretty mild and the NVGs were no
  12. Was tooling around with Mission 2 and used a custom loadout. Dropped the bridge (yes, the right one!) and never received the mission success notification and the BA report showed a score of 50. Using the default loadout I dropped the bridge and was given a mission success. Am I correct in assuming that weapon changes are not allowed in the mission planner?
  13. Hey Emmy, 1. So I am learning! 2. Yes, I directed them to attack from the South but a Southeastern attack may avoid intersecting the road while lining up to attack. Thanks for the idea!
  14. I’ve been attempting to complete the last mission in the excellent TTQ campaign but seem to be running up against wingmen AI shortcomings and/or A-10 targeting limitations. The two defined targets briefing targets are representative: Target 1: A command post with several support vehicles is sitting in the middle of an open field. The target coordinates given in the briefing are spot on. With the command post set as SPI and shared via DMS left long, the flight is instructed to attack the target with unguided bombs from the south. They respond “Roger” but never hook the target. They call “Re
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