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  1. I noticed that too, thats unfortunate as logbook of pilots dont update kills..is there a workaround/fix? anyway let me thx you for all the great work relating this mod!!!
  2. your opinion_ or its useless in your opinion? I know uGPU dooo most
  3. Hi guys, thanks for help with previous setup. I now want badly to upgrade as a i5 GTX1050ti just doestn make the cut..is very possblie to play but now with DCS 2.5 i want better obviously!! >( SO question is now as you know it is almost impossble to find a good GPU without spending a fortune so i was g while i wait could it of any use to upgrade other things like the CPU or total RAM ..would i have a good boost of performance in
  4. THX FOR THE INFO yeah price will be the issue! :(
  5. Do you think my CPU is good enough for a 1070Ti?
  6. Hi all I have this configuration CPU INTEL QUAD CORE I5-7600 3,5-4,1 GHZ M/B ASUS B250-K 32 GB RAM 16 GB RAM DDR4 2133 MHZ PALIT NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050Ti 2GB VRAM was thinking for DCS 2.5 to upgrade my VCARD only choosing a GTX1070 or maybe GTX 1070Ti what do you think ? will i have a solid boost in the performances? is it worth it? Thanks if you find time to help me! LUCA
  7. Guys thanks for all the kind answers. I really needed them, i received a quote : PERSONAL COMPUTER GAMING TOWER 600 WATT CPU INTEL QUAD CORE I5-7600 3,5-4,1 GHZ M/B ASUS B250-K 4 BANCHI RAM ESP 32 GB RAM 16 GB RAM DDR4 2133 MHZ HARD DISK SSD 120 GBYTE NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1050 2GB VRAM WINDOWS 10 PROFESSIONAL € 680 ($780 after taxes) 24 Months warrant Can i ask you what dio you think about it?? Is it any good should i order it?
  8. My enquire is obviously budget -related..i cannot afford i7 gt 1080 so i need to know if any of you uses something less powerful but still can game at the settings i had in mind..just that! Thank you!
  9. Yes i had already read that and with that in mind i proposed three different configuration and wanted to know if any of you uses something similar and can reassure me that it can reach 30 fps at medium/high settings @720p.
  10. Hey all, budget would be max 500 max 600 Euros. Monitor is 27 inches. I just need 720p as resolution i dont really need 1080p but i prefer a stable performance so a 30fps guaranteed and ideally 60 fps. So budget is tight and with those configurations you say i really can not play DCS as intended? I am not realy into PC components so i am a little bit ignorant in the matter. Question is I really need this rig ONLY to play DCS and nothing else , i dont do mainstream gaming on the PC and i would not really use it for any other things so spending 1000 euros just for DCS is a little
  11. Hello everybody, i am a long time follower of this forum and DCS WORLD in general. I am a returning player in DCS and i wanted to buy a new rig. I would be interested also in playing X PLANE 11 and Microsfot Flight simulator X. I would like to ask help in choosing the right components for the system that i need. Ideally i would like to play 720p at medium high setting with a 30 fps MINIMUM... I am not into the BUILD IT YOUSELF thing so i am choosing between preassembled solutions i have been offered these pre built systems CPU INTEL CORE I5 7400 3.0GHz GTX1030/2GB GDDR5 R
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