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  1. As per title. Can't move after engine start. Park brake is off. Sometimes I can move but then the wheel brakes get stuck on. I can see it's the wheelbrakes because the pedals are fully depressed and when I push the mapped key/button nothing happens.
  2. Thanks, I'll have another look, does the RADAR need to be operating in BEAM mode to get the range information, launch and break cues because so far that's the only way I've been able to do it. I've probably missed a step.
  3. Hey, I've done the tutorial and watched a number of videos on youtube but for whatever reason the glass below the ASP is not displaying any range information or giving me launch/break cues. I've selected everything as per the tutorial. Is this a bug?
  4. Hey All, When I first bought the Huey it was possible to switch between aim down sight or free look while using the mouse both with door gunners and co-pilot sight. I don't like using Trackir to aim the door gun but I don't know how to look down the sights of the co-pilot sight or door guns after turning trackir off. I've seen there are mouse controls such as hold mouse button 2 but they don't seem to do anything. Any tips?
  5. You guys are awesome. Thanks very much for this, I only play single player and now I get to use modules which have no campaigns. Any luck on the wingman options for single players? Specifically, allowing them to rearm and refuel without restarting the mission? Also, I've opened the mission in the editor and set all the ships to ROE weapons free but they still don't shoot at me. How do I get ships to defend themselves against me? My wingmen will not attack the ships. I've tried setting them to anti ship mission in the mission editor and I've tried telling them to "attac
  6. I bought it, I really like it, particularly when you start scoring reliable and accurate hits using the bombing tables. It's just the lack of content yet again that bugs me. I use the quick mission builder and then edit the mission to try give it a 1970s feel but it's not that great.
  7. I never knew that about the Spitfire (or other warbirds for that matter). I love the level of detail that goes into the aircraft in DCS. I have the P-47 for another WW2 sim but it's really badly done. I'd like to purchase P-47 for DCS but I don't play multiplayer and there's pretty much no missions and absolutely no campaign. I got a bit slow on finals earlier, started to sink, gave a big burst of power but it was too late and resulted in a 6g landing. Somehow the landing gear survived but I broke the engines main bearing. New damage model is awesome.
  8. Did the OP say the engine remains running in flight once Mags are selected off? Is this both mags selected to off as that doesn't make sense to me. The magnetos are there to provide electrical power to the ignition system independent of the battery, to my knowledge, they must be operating for the engine to run. In addition to grafspee's post above about magnetos providing spark at low RPM. I don't know about the P-47s ignition system, but many piston engine aircraft have an impulse coupling on one of the magnetos, it is independent of the battery. This provides a larger and delayed
  9. My apologies, I scrolled right past it...3 times, how embarrassing.
  10. All good points but basic handling, map reading and ground based navigation aids are something I've had a reasonable amount of experience in. I absolutely agree with you regarding the satisfaction of starting a mission cold on the ground and working your way through various environmental and navigation challenges to achieve an objective. Therein lies the issue with modules like the MiG-15 and F-5e, they don't come with a lot of content when purchased and because they're somewhat fringe aircraft, there's limited user downloads available. I'm just not good enough with the mission edi
  11. It looks like the MiG 21 RADAR fix didn't make it into this update. So annoying, that issue has been around for yonks I've just given up on the aircraft because I had enough of running old drivers for my GPU just to get around it.
  12. I don't use VR but I still don't like the reflections. Not that there's really anything to use the MiG 15 for in single player anyway.
  13. Haha yea I have had several goes at making missions. I made one for the MiG 15 which was pretty basic but had a few triggers in it and a bit of a back story. Took me hours. I am reliant on others for quality missions.
  14. Only 25gb? Mine is 60gb and my hard drive is rapidly reaching a point where it won't be able to perform at optimum.
  15. I often see this aircraft touted as the best aircraft to buy if you're just getting started in full fidelity DCS modules. Having finally tried it out under the free to fly period, I have to agree. It's so simple but still does enough to try out various mission types. But what if you're reasonably experienced in full fidelity aircraft, what is the big draw of the F-5e over all the other modules? I like it a lot and I'm tossing up between the P-47 and F-5e. Unfortunately I made the mistake of adding up how much I've spent on DCS over the years and it's actually a bit sham
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