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  1. Tutorial told me to move flaps lever, this is what I see: Text has gone, I cant progress in the tutorial without moving the invisible lever. No mention that you can hide the pilot or how to hide the pilot. And thats after having followed the cockpit familiarization with gems like: And you dont see a problem or any way this could possibly be made better. Like mentioning the keybind to hide the pilot? Are you telling me that wouldnt make it better? Ignoring all the much more important things Ive mentioned THIS is the hill you want to die on ? You win, I give up. BTW, I beli
  2. Right. Someone relatively new to the game is in no position to have an opinion about what its like as a new player or have an opinion on how his experience could have been improved. Sound logic there. Maybe we should ask devs what its like as a new player? Its less than ideal. It might actually be better than the onboarding experience with a tomcat. Indeed. Especially when there are no Tf51 tutorials that will teach you anything relevant to more advanced modules. I just tried the very first TF-51 training mission, the engine start procedure, and the first thing it tells
  3. Military training programs are not designed to attract and motivate people or keep paying customers entertained. Quite the opposite, they are selection programs, designed to separate the chaff from the wheat and deter anyone but the best. DCS training ought to have the exact opposite goal. Rather than selecting only the "best and brightest" and ensuring only the most motivated customer persist, it ought to attract and retain as many as possible. As someone else put it, the training is an integral part of the experience and should be a big part of the attraction rather than a deterrent. It
  4. Nice find :). Though Im not sure a 3 minute expose will have taught many to fly. If they had no knowledge of flying at all, I think trial and error will have taught them instead. Because they are sensible? Because you probably want to learn on a slow, forgiving, tricycle airplane with no more complicated controls and instruments than needed? Because other sims do have built in lessons? Compare your F18 expose with this lesson: Which is almost as old as that F18 sim. But fully interactive, voice over, with partial instructor control... Its really good actually. Can you repli
  5. You can not know that as long as you havent: 1) identified or even acknowledged the problems 2) proposed solutions 3) evaluated the required effort to implement those solutions. But people in this thread keep being stuck at step 1. Again please, if you have nothing to contribute, then dont, Im so sick of hearing we dont need it, RTFM. We heard you the first 124 times. But many of the things being suggested so far require no development time AT ALL. Literally. You dont even need developers to implement training missions. Those tools exist. The missions themselves could be community so
  6. Agreed. If one day DCS can also cater for those with no flight experience, then so much the better, but no one learns to fly in a fast twin engine jet (or a tail dragging war bird) and quite frankly, there are much better sims to teach you the basics of how to fly. Id start by catering for the (my guess) >95% of people coming in to DCS who have enough prior stick experience. If you can keep them onboard, then sure, why not try to cater for those remaining 5%, but I think its a lot harder to interactively learn someone the basics of flying than the other things we have discusse
  7. Stop derailing this thread. If you are not interested in discussing how DCS could be improved for new users then DONT. Why do you keep posting? If you think its unnecessary or impossible, you made that point, I do not care. If you only want to question our motivation, our abilities or post ad homs, 20 pages of BS is enough. Unsubscribe from this thread and take it elsewhere. The main issue with control bindings is knowing what you have to bind. As you learn things, you constantly have to rethink and change your control bindings and unlearn the muscle memory you only just started learn
  8. Thats exactly the problem. If they make a new module that lets you control submarines and have a (really poor) silent hunter competitor, they can charge money for it. If they develop a dynamic campaign engine or volumetric clouds or a new 3D engine that triples your VR framerates, they get nothing. If you where CEO, what would you devote more developers to? .
  9. Its not very complicated. I did not post this asking for help for me; I provided my experience hoping it could spark a meaningful discussion on how to improve DCS for every newbie especially those with a similar background - which I reckon is the vast majority of DCS noobs. Maybe Im unique in my inability to learn based on the tools I was offered, or but I kinda doubt that.
  10. What are you confused about? You can only buy new content. New maps, new planes, new campaigns, fancier carriers. You cant pay for new graphics engines, better VR performance, better atmospheric modelling, dynamic campaigns or anything in the free DCSW.
  11. Didnt I already meet that burden by stating they where inadequate for me? As well as for everyone I know that has tried DCS? As well as apparently for 14 year veterans that may really be noobs? Fair point. There is no good definition that distinguishes one from another, but lets see her get to the point where she could complete any downloadable campaign or achieve anything on any MP server.
  12. How do you know that? They may have been good enough for the people who ended up sticking around, but thats by definition a self selecting bias. Most people here love to read natops, that tells me something. Do you think that applies to MOST users? But what are you basing your assertion on that they are good enough for "most" ? Not just a majority, or a significant portion, but MOST civilian sim pilots or ww2 pilots, let alone non-pilots.That doesnt match my experience or the people I know that have tried DCS. Is it? Prove it. Live stream your mom mastering the F14 doing built in
  13. Even when they are not described in any manual. Even when 14 year veterans havent figured out how they need to map comms. Do you know how many control mappings there are for the F14? Do you know how many of those a noob has ANY chance of understanding what they mean? Oh riiiiiight. Nice. You got me. Im too stupid. . I only managed to get one PhD and it doesnt even relate to flying in any way. Good thing ED have a thriving business selling their game to mensa members only. Maybe they should add that to the system requirements, hey?
  14. If you have a point there, Im missing it completely. Well, first of all, many of the things Ive brought up arent even covered in any manual. Secondly, the whole point of my thread is avoiding people having to do dig though 500 pages to find some rather simple and basic information. Im not against providing reference manuals, Im against seeing those as the first and only solution. Yeah how about that hu? But its a "new" user who registered 14 years ago. Not 14 days, but 14 years. Ill let someone else tell him to RTFM. Even if the manual doesnt cover that. Draconus, go for it!
  15. ahm... what? Are you suggesting storing a few MB of voice data is a bigger concern than the bandwidth required by watching youtube videos? We are in 2020 right? We dont use floppies or dial up anymore. Who cares?
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