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  1. I wonder who's the adversary this time. Also, anyone notice GOOSE photo?
  2. On steam DCS WORLD Beta version, the login window pops out asking for login credentials. After trying to log in, it's saying "Invalid Serial Number". I never changed computers, networks, or even steam account. Is this a bug? I made sure DCS world is fully updated in BETA version and I also verify files. Please let me know what I need to do.
  3. Well, if I'm on this website, then my internet is currently working (plus i'm listening to Christmas music after this discrepancy on youtube). On Steam DCS world, the multiplayer server list is completely blank. I made sure Steam is completely updated with DCS WORLD. Furthermore, I made sure DCS World files are validated and free from errors. Then i made sure I'm properly logged in. Is anyone having the same problem? Last weekend everything was working. Not sure whats going on. Plus my DCS world setting on steam is opt out for any BETAs
  4. Keep up the great work guys! Your team is setting a great example on how a new aircraft should come with a campaign. I'm looking forward to the early release date.
  5. After reading the forum, it's out of date. I tried for almost an hour looking for the DCS World Update exe. and couldn't find it. Furthermore, I followed every step on the forum to try forcing the installation manually. Is this only for Non-Steam based? The time when I'm getting good used to P51D Mustang and liking it, DCS pulls a fast one on me. I'm done trying to find a solution to this problem. Someone please let me know the direct solution to this discrepancy. I would greatly appropriate the response.
  6. This issue started right after the newest DCS WORLD update. Looking at all my DLC's, they are installed. I even disable all of the DLC's in the manager and turned them back on. I even check verify files. I'm going to try forcing the installation manually.
  7. I have to agree with this question. Not only that, its giving me issues as well.
  8. I have over 110 views and nobody have the same discrepancy? This happened right after the latest download. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Anyone? WIN 10 64Bit/Z370 MSI M5/I7 8700K/32GB 3000Mhz/MSI Gaming X 8GB RX 480
  9. Keeps asking me: need modules for load mission: wwii armour and technics I re-verified the files and also re installed the WWII Normandy Map and the Packs. I've also reinstalled P51D Mustang files as well. Still no luck. Need help please.
  10. Okay, It's obvious this issue is across the board. Regardless of the aircraft or computer setup you are using, I understand this issue is not just myself. Right after the DCS World 2.5.0 update, this issue became the Hindenburg disaster. I'm done with DCS World until there's a reliable and dedicated update. (Yes I know it's still a beta, however 2.5.0 has been out for a while now). Here's my log and setup for the person whom is working on the discrepancies. I attached the log for your convenience. Windows 10 64-bit MSI Z270 Gaming M3 Intel i7 7700K @ 4.8 (OC) Corsair H100i V2 CPU Cool
  11. Only have steam edition, DCS WORLD 2.5. Multiplayer is grayed out and no login. I verified the files on steam and restarted my computer and steam. Still cannot be on Multiplayer.... :(
  12. I'm 30. Been flying simulator since 1995... that includes TopGun fire at will (PC) i-F-16, Jane's F-15, F/A 18, Microsoft Sim, XPlane, and DCS
  13. Welcome to TOPGUN Maverick Pilot YouTube channel! Please Subscribe to my channel! I will upload several YouTube videos on the incoming aircraft: F-14 and more! I will also make tutorials and suggestions on several other aircraft. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZPScADP5z5HxQQilDXdBlg
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