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  1. Hi guys! We are searching for the real life simulated (with working engine) autorotation video in which we can see cockpit avionics. UH-1H, UH-1D, Bell 212 will do.
  2. Problem reported to relevant programmer. Thank you.
  3. It is with a heavy heart that we meet news about passing of our good friend and Eagle Dynamics leader Igor Tishin. Our deepest condolences go to Igor's family and Eagle Dynamics team and all those who knew him. We are going to continue our collaboration with Eagle Dynamics and follow the dream Igor had.
  4. Agreed, adding it to the watchlist. Thank you for report and chasing real pilots for clarification.
  5. Fixed. Will be sent to ED, for inclusion into patch schedule.
  6. Just checked in and everything is working. With axis and with Page UP/Page down. Was it moving for you before update?
  7. This is feature within DCS itself. And ED doesn't want to change it for their own reasons..
  8. Hi guys! Multicrew was one of the topics we wanted to roll out as news article, but since you are active here recently, we will address it here. First of all we want to say that we don't want to run from what we said. Multicrew will be done and its progressing. Yes it taking its time and we can only be grateful for your patience! :worthy: Things with helicopter multicrew are not exactly same as in, for instance, L-39. It is because L-39 have two separate cockpits, therefore two clients have each their own accessible controls to fiddle with. But its changing when you have two guys at the
  9. Hi guys! Our community manager reproduced bug which you refer as "wash machine sounds". We are bringing it to ED attention for further testing as it is looks like sound coming outside of the cockpit. For now, try to set all sliders in sound options menu to 100% and tell us if sound still persists. Looks like it should disappear after "world" slider goes over 60%.
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