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  1. Is there a good in depth document with SEASD/DEAD tactics ? How to defeat and attack the different Sam sites etc !?
  2. Are there any tables out with the optimum settings for chaffs and flares to set them up ?
  3. Is it possible to change the time of the clock in the Hornet ?
  4. We noticed that the in game time is different for every client on a server. I think this is a bug and whats worse as far as I know theres no option to change clocks in the jets.
  5. Complete other question. I’d like to know how to defeat SAM sites with IADS script. Is there any documentation out to learn the tactics ?
  6. Great stuff thx. Can you explain what strike and red crown is ?
  7. The navy uses fixed channel presets in their fleets. Does anybody know what channel (button) corresponds to what station? eg. button 1 is always Tower button 2 departure and so on…
  8. Can anybody explain how to get this work with OSB ???
  9. Do we have an estimate release date for the updated Syria map ?
  10. have the same issues since a few days...script is working for the strafe targets but as of nowhere bombing is no longer working. changed the boming altitudes as well but no help so far....any other ideas ?
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