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  1. Cole

    Britsh Planes

    Ooh where did you get that AP (manual), I sure would like that :)
  2. I like it.. Is there a way to turn this on for all modules?
  3. Not sure the roll rate is quick enough?
  4. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/planes/christen_eagle/ :pilotfly:
  5. I thought this was the issue myself, but the tracker isnt getting confused be cause the y axis on the tracker is still resonding correctly
  6. I do not have a Server.lua ? Does anyone know where to find it ?
  7. I have this issue with all aircraft ive tried it with (l39, m2000c)
  8. It is. Doesnt seem like they are bothered atm ?
  9. Cole

    Atlantico Sur

    Sea King Pleaseee
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