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  1. Would you be willing to sell the Pimax without the 2 base stations? and if so, at what price? i might have a friend possibly interested but he has base stations already
  2. Wow, brillant!! Thanks a lot for the explanation. I will try this asap
  3. Hello Anton Very nice project you have over there.. Can I ask you to explain how you use a Circuit braker to simulate a magnetic held switch? I am trying to do the same for a F16 pit but I don't have any clue on how to do it. Thanks
  4. Tusba adds many axes to your throttle and they are needed if you want to implement something like idle/cut off and AB detents If I remember it correctly the one you have to select is RY I am not at the computer now. Also make sure when you start your flight your throttle is not in the cutoff position. If your throttle is in the cutoff position and you haven’t set it to come off from that position it will not move. A good way to check that is to start inflight. So select axis axis RY and start inflight and see if it moves
  5. I would preorder a f104 any time, even now. If it’s a F104S even better
  6. gianlu320


    Good luck guys It’s so nice to have an Italian development team in Dcs
  7. Bellissima notizia. Il 39 e’ magnifico e non vedo l’ora di sapere cos’altro porterete in DCS. In bocca al lupooooo
  8. Your PD is too high, also make sure you dialed the IPD in the pimax correctly. Unfortunately as far as I know the pimax IPD doesn't correspond precisely to your interpupillary one so trial and error is required. Also make sure you have parallel reprojection off, DCS soesn't need it. And Hidden area mask on.
  9. Sorry to revive such a old thread but I feel it is still relevant. I was watching videos of the new sim and I could not avoid noticing how colours there feel more natural, more authentic. I know we shouldn’t compare, but it is just to explain my point. In Dcs colours feel still too vivid, too saturated, even with the new Syria map. Any suggestion on what to adjust in the settings to make it better?
  10. I don’t really understand what this announcement means. Are you talking about going commercial on dcs platform or other platforms like Msfs? Or both? By the way... Who cares about msfs
  11. I also hope this becomes reality. Any news?
  12. F104 confirmed!!!!:megalol: Scherzi a parte, il 39 è magnifico. Grazie mille per averlo reso pubblico a tutti
  13. I would have preferred not to use them as well but I couldn't find any other way to match the gates in the real throttle with those in the sim. If you are not interested in the gates you are good just by setting the min and max values. But if you have a phisical guide rail then matching the virtual gates with the real ones it's a must. Anyways I totally agree with what Manuel told you. The first setup and calibration should be done only setting the min and max values. When you have those properly setup you can start adding the cut off point and the rest. It's quite amazing being able t
  14. @markturner1960 Thanks a lot for the tip. I have read that thread but it's quite complicated. I might have found a better way After reading your previous post I also assigned RY to the throttle axis and it's working very well ! Before reading your post I was using slider1 as throttle axis, and it was working well from idle to just before afterburner were it was all screwed. I have read a bit the manual and even if it is not very clear I was able to figure it out. Basically all the other axes RX RZ etc are used by Tusba for the detents. You basically use RY as axis assigned to throttl
  15. OH sorry about that I didn't realize it was your thread I hope you can find a way to fix the issue you have. Today I installed my Tusba for the first time and it works as intended with the thrustmaster TQS so I don't really know what is causing the issue you have. The issue I have instead is.. I mounted my TQS on a F16 throttle replica arm and I am about to install a throttle guide rail replica as well. But for the moment I am not able to match the movements between the real throttle with the virtual one. The virtual throttle reaches the mil and max afterburner before the real throt
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